Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 1


1.       Om, Prayer to Lord Gajanan – The idol of wellness and Kindness, You are worshipped in all the three abodes, hence the first prayer to you.

2.       Your are the Support of the world, you are the creator of everything; you are the one looking after us and protecting us.

3.       You give us happiness, you turn our sorrows into happiness, you protect us from all dangers, this is your motto

4.       Hence the first worship and prayer to you – Lord Gajanan

5.       You are the wealth of knowledge, you are the one giving us strength and resolve

6.       I have started the task of writing this holy book, I am just the means, you are the Almighty, Please make my venture a success

7.       My mother – Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth), I salute her whenever I remember her; I can never repay her debts even by taking endless rebirths.

8.       My Father – Vasudev – I salute him all the time and always, a great astrologer, re-incarnation of Lord Shiva

9.       The roots of my family – The first man – known as Lord Mahesh himself – Saint Jamadagini – I salute you

10.   Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Salute to Dattatraya, Shreepadvalabh

11.   Narashima Saraswati, Saint of Akkalkot – Balappa Maharaj, I salute you

12.   Gangadhar Maharaj, Swami Shivanand, Mother of the world Sonamata, I salute you

13.   I bow to my ancestral God – Narshima, I worship him daily

14.   Lord Ram, Jamadagini Parshuram, Krsihna, Balram, I salute you

15.   The great God abode in Kashi, Lord Bhairavnath, Venkatesh, Vitthal, Hanuman, I pray to you

16.   I salute you – ‘O Mahalaxmi Godess’ – the world runs by your direction and command, the one who has your blessing will not have any troubles

17.   I salute you ‘O Mahasaraswati Goddess’ – The Goddess of Knowledge

18.   The Goddess of Maharashtra – protector and blessor of Shivaji – O Tuljabhavani, I bow to you

19.   Yamai Tukai Jogeshwari, Paravati, Mahatripursundari – The most beautiful in the whole wide world, Hingalaji, Kanyakumari, Shardamba Renuka

20.   I salute all these Gods, I pray to them respectfully

21.   Vashitha, Valmiki, Atri, Vyas, Saint Puru Durvas, Great Saint Narad, salute to Saint Aghor

22.   To the one and only Almighty, who is worshipped in whole world, I salute you

23.   To the four Vedas, To the five Elements, To the seven Seas, I offer my prayers

24.   To the eight Sidhis, To the eight great Perceptions, To the nine Planets, To the precious stones, I offer my prayers

25.   To the ten reincarnations of God, To the ten Directions, The eleventh Rudras, I salute to you O Lord of Dwarka – Ram

26.   Lord Chitragupt Yamadharma, The wealthy Kuber, King of Gods Indra, I bow to you

27.   Rivers, mountains, trees, wind, light, earth, all lifeforms, I salute you

28.   To all the saints in the world, I salute you

29.   O Fire, you are the face of the sun, you are primal, you give happiness to everybody , hence I bow to you

30.   I offer my parayers to all of you, I bow to you and make this humble request to you

31.   The holy form of you in this 20th century, in the holy land of pragnyapur

32.   That holy form, the magical reincarnation, I wish to describe here, hence I pary to you to get the work done from me

33.   Shake 1893, on the day of Narshima Jayanti, the thought came to me, to write the lifestory of the almighty Shree

34.   I met Shree and told him my sish , after getting his approval and blessing, I started this lifestory

35.   Shake 1893 – on Tuesday – The day of Ganeshchaturthi, Aug 24th 1973, I started to write this saga

36.   By remembering Shree’s holy feet, getting his blessings, it gives me great great joy and happiness

37.   After finishing each episode, I read it to Shree at his holy feet and looking at the pleased face of Shree, I got encouragement

38.   As I finished each episode and read it out to Shree, I realized that the lifestory is going to be long

39.   After finishing the 15th episode, I went to Shree on the first day of Hindu new year – Diwali Padawa and read the episode to Shree

40.   On that day of Padawa, Shree gave me the orders – the lifestory you are writing is going to be a long one

41.   Continue writing this long lifestory, in the meantime write a 21 episide short lifestory

42.   Continue writing both the lifestories, but write the shorter lifestory sooner

43.   On that auspicious day Padawa, I read the 15th episode to Shree and took his blessings

44.   I prayed to Shree – You give me orders, I accept them with heart and soul, I only ask for your kind blessings

45.   Shree saw me with his pleasant face and bestowed his kind blessings on me

46.   Getting orders from the God himself, what can be more important or more auspicous than this? I felt sublime contenment at that moment

47.   I felt as if Lord Narshima himself appeared before me and gave me blessings and gave me this order

48.   Lord Brahma – the creator of the world, appeared and gave me the encouragement to write this saga

49.   I only pray for his continued kind blessings and to give me strength to obey his orders

50.   Of all the holy reincarnations of God to date, there are lifestories of all of them

51.   I never saw Shree, I never knew Shree, still I got the thought of writing his lifestory

52.   The thought of writing the lifestory of Shree like the Gurucharitra came to me and made me very happy

53.   After getting the permission to write his lifestory, I started gathering facts about Shree

54.   My study started and one thought came to me – the holy god himself appeared in Akkalkot

55.   Still why is there not a lifestory of Shree, I started digging deep into this

56.   After doing study on this topic, I understood and came to know the reason

57.   Nobody got the permission from Shree to write the lifestory, hence there wasn’t a lifestory

58.   A lot of people tried, but could not succeed as they did not have the persmission of Shree

59.   I did not know this, I did not have much information about Shree, still I got the thought of writing his lifestory

60.   As soon as I got this thought I went to Shree and expressed my intent to him and Shree gave the permission

61.   Shree bestowed immense blessings on me

62.   It is my great fortune that I got the permission of Shree

63.   Getting his permission is the result of all my good deeds in all my past births and rebirths

64.   I had to get the permission for the first lifestory, I got orders from him for the second lifestory

65.   I felt the ultimate achievement, extreme happiness

66.   Then I realized – I need to be worthy of what I have got – I pray for it at his holy feet

67.   “Resolve to become worthy of what you have have been given”  – I remembered these words of Shree

68.   I decided to become worthy of what has been given to me, hence took this step, please let your blessings be with me

69.   I was lost in these thoughts, when I had this magical experience, spiritual enlightment, while I was fully awake at 2:00 pm in the afternoon

70.   I saw an illusion, on the holy flower sat an saint who was glowing with power and glory

71.   He has very long hair, ashes were smeared on his body, he wore a rudrash necklace, such a powerful and holy presence he had

72.   I assumed he must be some ancient saint, I prayed to him and stood before him with my hands folded

73.   Then he saw me pleasantly, gave me his blessings and said – “I am saint Jamadagni”

74.   Hearing the word “Jamadagni” I felt very happy, seeing the first man on my ancestorage was very satisfying

75.   Then God Parshuram appeared, his body was glowing in holyness, he had a parshu and a bow and arrow in his hands, I bowed and prayed to him

76.   Then Shree himself appeared, seeing him I lost all my self control, I prayed fully to him, there was no bounds to my happiness.

77.   I saw this scene, all the gods coming together and was fortunate enough to see all of them at one place

78.   Saint Jamadagni said to me – “Listen to me carefully, always remember, the things I am going to tell you now”

79.   “I am the first man of shree ancestorage, I am also the first man of your ancestorage, you both are my direct descendants, hence I came here

80.   “The lifestory of my descendant, should be written by my descendant, hence I made this arrangement”

81.   “I gave you the idea to write Shree’s lifestory, I am capable of this task, you do not worry”

82.   “In the journey of writing this saga, I have planned special events, all the events which happen, have been planned by me”

83.   “if anbody opposes you, do not form a bad or ill opinion about him”

84.   “its all according to my plan, don’t form bad opinion about anybody, focus on the task of lifestory writing

85.   “Favourable and unfavourable events will keep on happening, remember the wish of “Shree” and focus on your work

86.   “All the gods have reincarnated in the form of Shree”

87.   “Remember this always, march towards your goal confidently and your work will be a great success”

88.   “Shree is able of this task, do not worry yourself about the thought that you are able or not”

89.   “Shree will stop you, he will guide you, he is the director, always remember this”

90.   “I will appear when you think of me, guide you in times of need, put your head at Shree’s feet and all goodness will happen to you”

91.   “Your work will be a great success, lifestory will be great, every one will be satisfied by reading it”

92.   After saying all this, saint Jamadagni disappeared, what an auscipous sign, holy illusion it was

93.   I got many inspirations for writing Shree lifestory, ideas started flowing and I started writing

94.   After getting the orders to write a 21 episodes lifestory, I thought of some ideas in my mind

95.   I started writing this 21 episoded lifestory on “Karthik Shudh Ekadashi – Shake 1893”

96.   17 November 1972, Friday, I started this holy book

97.   The introductory part, I wrote in this episode

98.   The next episode, the 2nd episode – Ancestoral lineage of Shree

99.   All the ancestors of Shree were great, his father was Lord Shiva himself, Mother was mother of the earth – Sonamata

100.                        This writing is very pleasing and also very religious, in the second episode

101.                        Remebering his holy feet and keeping head at his feet, I complete this introductory first part


Shree Gajanan Maharaj

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