Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 10

1.       Shree’s image is always embodied in my mind, when I see the image, my hands are folded , folded hands touch the head and praying is done to Shree

2.       When Shree’s image appears in mind, body becomes one with the soul, prayers should be done when Shree is remembered, there should be no other use of this body than this

3.       Everything should feel like Shree, everything should look like Shree, even in water and sky there should be only Shree

4.       Wherever I look, I should see Shree, wherever I keep my head , there should be Shree’s feet

5.       This longing should I have, Shree should call me his own, this chanting is always going on in my mind

6.       Let this all be set aside, Dec 25 – a day of great importance, no one will forget this day among all the disciples of Shree

7.       1940 Dec 25 – it was a Thursday, Shree was in the middle of his daily routine rituals

8.       While meditation was going on, Shree had divine sensations, Shree had a spiritual experience/revelation, Shree got the divine knowledge

9.       The light of the whole wide world, would be born from her womb, mother had this revelation by the grace of Upasani baba

10.   Four years afterwards, we were born and revelation came true and became a reality

11.   One who ascended as Ram, the one who was born as Krishna, the one who became Buddha, we are the ONE

12.   This truth, we are showing and proving to this whole world

13.   Shree had this spiritual experience, got the divine knowledge, Shree’s true form was revealed in this manner

14.   This event which happened, Shree kept it a secret, he did not tell it to anybody and did not let the event’s knowledge explode

15.   Shree’s favorite disciple Bhaurao Peshkar, Shree told him about this by writing him a letter

16.   Shree sent this letter after 3 ½ years, there were other secrets in this letter

17.   But this was the royal secret, this told about the true form and powers of Shree, it was a small narration of Shree and his form

18.   1945 – May 20  - Shree sent this letter to Peshkar

19.   Take care of this royal secret and keep it utmost secret, this was the orders of Shree for him

20.   After becoming head of the Gurumandir, Shree had influenced some of his key disciples

21.   The wealth he possessed, the grandeour he had, he showed a glimpse of it to his selected disciples

22.   Even the persons who were close to Shree had no idea about this, many don’t have any idea, about Shree capabilities and authority

23.   Shree got the divine mantra from the soul in invisible form, Shree was chanting and practicing the mantra daily righteously

24.   Shree did this meditation and study of the mantra for continuously four years and fulfilled the mantra and unleashed its true potential

25.   As soon as the mantra was realized, the one who gave the mantra to Shree was compelled to appear in front of Shree

26.   1942 – May 12 – At 400 am in the morning – This divine event took place

27.    Shree was engrossed in his daily rituals in the Gurumandir, when a divine saint appeared, he had the charisma of a great holy man

28.   In the Gurumandir, there is the seat of teachers – Gurupeth, the holy saint appeared next to it suddenly

29.   There was a nest of white hair on his head, the whole body was glowing, the vision was very sharp, very attractive glow it was

30.   The saint talked with Shree in a very firm and clear voice, listening to the voice, Shree remembered the previous event

31.   This was the same voice which said the mantra in the invisible form previously, remembering this Shree was convinced about this

32.   The saint said to Shree – We only came four years ago in an invisible form to give the teaching of the mantra

33.   The mantra which we gave you was ‘Krishna Shakti’ mantra, today we are going to give you one more mantra

34.   Our family tree is Jamadagni – when this was told, everything was clear and Shree understood everything

35.   This was none other than Lord Parshuram himself and he gave us the divine mantra – Shree came to know this and everything unfolded

36.   By telling his family tree name and giving his introduction as Lord Parshuram, Shree became very happy

37.   In a very religious manner, Lord Parshuram said the ‘Tripuri’ mantra and  gave the Diksha of the mantra to Shree

38.   In this religious manner, gave the Diksha to Shree, Shree and Parshuram only were there at that place

39.   In Shree’s Gurumandir, near the Gurupeth, this Diksha event occurred in the wee hours of Thursday morning

40.   This divine holy being, appeared after 4 years, gave his introduction and spoke to Shree

41.   Lord Parshuram himself came in invisible form and said the great Krishna Shakti mantra

42.   He wanted to give the teaching of this mantra to Shree, some mysteries he wanted to keep secret

43.   Hence he recited the mantra in an invisible form, he wanted to see what happened after this

44.   If he himself appeared and told everything, then anybody will accept the sermon, hence the invisible form

45.   Krishna Shakti mantra recital and chanting, Shree did for 4 year, the penance of four years was continuously

46.   Reciting this mantra for four years, Shree empowered the mantra at that time

47.   Hence Lord Parshuram appeared himself, gave his introduction and unfolded everything

48.   In this 20th century, Lord Parshuram comes, appears in a human body form and gives sermon teaching i.e. Diksha to Shree

49.   This is the utmost good luck which Shree got, this is a very important event, great divine occasion

50.   First in the invisible form gave the Krishna Shakti mantra and then gave the ‘Tripuri’ mantra by appearing himself

51.   In the book – ‘Tripuri Rahasya’ , this sequence is seen of Lord Parshuram’s giving of teaching sermons

52.    Uncountable years ago, on this mortal people, if we see the sequence of giving sermons in this book

53.   The same sequence is today also in this 20th century, there is such a similarity, great happiness in knowing this

54.   The ceremony by which Shree got the mantra, the ceremony is called ‘Purna Abhishek’ i.e. the complete bestowment

55.   In the book ‘Mahavarna Tantra’ this is mentioned, ‘Purna Abhishek’ is name for this sermon i.e. Diksha

56.   Shree got ‘Purna Abhishek’ from Lord Parshuram and he got engrossed in the recital and chanting of the mantra

57.   Recital and chanting of Tripura mantra, Shree used to do regularly and Shree empowered i.e. fulfilled this great mantra

58.   In this Tripura mantra, Shree used to get so engrossed that every atom in Shree’s body used to be painted in Tripura mantra

59.   Every atom in our body became one with the Tripura mantra – This is Shree’s sentence

60.   In his own handwriting, Shree wrote this clearly, he sent a letter to Peshkar

61.   The form of Shree which was revealed, Shree gave an idea about it in this letter

62.   Two months after getting the Krishna Shakti mantra, In 1938 – an event occurred

63.   This divine event happened in the Gurumandir, this important event took place in the Gurumandir itself

64.   In evening, while the daily evening prayer was going on in the Gurumandir, a divine being appeared

65.   The being was very tall, he looked very charismatic, he appeared like a great holy saint

66.   Complexion was very fair, a white flowing beard, a nest of white hair on head, a bag in the armpit

67.   He was wearing holy clothes, the thread of threading ceremony was looking very impressive, the whole body was glowing and they appeared suddenly

68.   Shree saw them, nobody saw them coming, they were seen inside the Gurumandir itself, nobody knew how they came

69.   The helper in the Gurumandir – Bapu Joshi – was going towards the kitchen, the saint called him by signaling him with his finger

70.   The saint told him – ‘We are going to have food in this temple’ – it was a commanding voice

71.   ‘We need one kilo rice’ – Joshi nodded his head in agreement

72.   Joshi went into the kitchen and told Umabai, the saint’s orders and wished

73.   Such was the influence of the saint – ‘How can one person eat one kilo of rice?’ – nobody had the daring to ask this question

74.   The prayer finished, the food was ready, one kilo rice was prepared and lentil curry was prepared along with it

75.   The saint was invited and asked to sit down to have the food, all the food was served to him, saint sat down to eat

76.   Shree was roaming around the saint, saint was asked – ‘Where are you from?’

77.   Saint replied – ‘I keep on roaming holy places’ – his words were true, wherever he went, the place became holy

78.   He ate all the food contently and then stood up in the hall of the temple

79.   Here after the prayer, the door of the temple used to be closed, the work of closing the door was done by Shabde

80.   While Shabde was coming back after closing the door, the saint called him by signaling him with his fingers

81.   Below this tree of ‘Audumbar’, we are going to rest, while we are here, nobody should come here

82.   Shabde listened to his words quietly and nodded in agreement and obeyed his orders

83.   Such was the power and glory of the saint, such authoritative and commanding were his words, nobody had the daring to speak in front of him

84.   Shabde was hot tempered, but he could not gather the courage to speak, tell or ask any question to the saint

85.   With his head bowed down, Shabde went back into the temple, nobody came out in the hall of the temple in the night

86.   The Audumbar tree under which the saint took rest, today in that place there is the Audumbar tree with its wines spread all over the place

87.   Touching the tree, there is a board and a Shree’s verse is written on the board

88.   Bhargavenochitto Devo Bhagvan Attrinandan, Attra Jagriti Jagruti Tripura Jagdambika, Param pavan sthan martyaloke sudulbh, attrav ramte ramo renukanand vardan – Parampuja Paramsadguru Bhagvan Shree Gajanan Maharaj ki jay, Rajrajeshwar Bhagvan Parshuram ki jay – Today where this verse is, saint sat there, took rest very peacefully and pleasantly

89.   At 3’ o clock in the morning, when Shree came to open the main door, he realized that saint was not there

90.   The chain of the main door was closed from inside, nobody came down in the night, main door was closed only

91.   At 8 o’clock in night, the saint was there and at 3 o’clock he was not there, main door was closed only, how did the saint go?

92.   Who was the saint? How did he come? From where? How did he leave? Nobody understood

93.   This were Lord Parshuram, his form was distinct, he appeared all of a sudden and disappeared into the night

94.   The place of Gurumandir, is so linked to Parshuram, his feet touched this place

95.   Here Brahmanand Saraswati stayed, Dayanand Saraswati stayed, Parshuram’s feet touched here, Shree’s residence was here

96.   Such a very holy place is this Gurumandir, inspiration behind it was of Akkalkot Swami’s

97.   He only told Balapa Maharaj to establish a separate religious school, he erected this place by giving specific orders

98.   Of this grand Gurumandir, every bit is of great importance, this is a treasury of divinity, a very holy place

99.   Saluting the Gurumandir one gets immense satisfaction, all wishes are fulfilled by touching this place

100.                        If the importance of Gurumandir is such great, then how much would be the importance of the teacher’s of this Gurumandir

101.                        The story is continued in the next episode, keeping my head at his lotus feet, episode Tenth completes.



Shree Gajanan Maharaj