Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 11

1.       By taking both of Shree’s feet in hand, by putting head on it, I pray to him respectfully

2.       By taking Shree’s sighting, heart is filled with joy, waves of happiness flow

3.       Flood of happiness flows all over the body, happiness is embodied in every molecule and atom of the body

4.       Hence the sighting is necessary, sighting is giver of happiness, it is beneficial in many ways, it is a subject matter to be experienced

5.       The sweetness of Elixir of life – Amrut, cannot be told, the sweetness of Shree’s sighting is greater than this

6.       Hail to the great teacher, idol of kindness, your fame is spread in all three worlds, please give me inspiration to remember and worship you all the time

7.       Please give all my brothers and sisters, the good thoughts of remembering you and singing your praise

8.       In Shree’s life, the divine events that happened, we think happened suddenly

9.       But if we think from a godly viewpoint, the life of a holy man is pre-determined

10.   In the life of a holy man nothing happens by chance or all of a sudden, everything happens by pre-determined signs

11.   It was true that Gangadhar Maharaj looked after Shree in his childhood and brought him up

12.   But he will make Shree the head of the school, nobody had any idea about this, not even the immediate family and friends

13.   After becoming the head of the school Shree gave a shock of surprise to everybody at that time

14.   Not only at that time, even now the giving of Shree’s surprises continues

15.   Some used to think, the rituals of the school, Shree would follow and continue like before

16.   Looking at the rituals and happenings the old followers are satisfied and continue to come

17.   However in Shree’s own rituals, some specifics, some differences are visible to the curious people

18.   Some used to get doubts, some did not agree to it, such questions were troubling many

19.   The seat of Akkalkot was originally of Lord Datta, Shree sat on this seat as the head of School

20.   Where the spiritual lineage of Lord Datta is to be followed and practiced, why does Shree increase the importance of Lord Parshuram?

21.   Some used to think why does Shree do the study and recital of Krishna Shakti and Tripuri mantra

22.   The lineage was of Datta, but the religious meditation and study of Shree was different, such thoughts crowded in the minds of many

23.   The doubts which arose, to give explanation and clarify them, Shree rarely did this

24.   Whatever came to Shree’s mind, Shree used to speak, nobody used to see the truth and meaning in his words

25.   This restlessness in the people, Shree recognized and very tactfully revealed the mystery

26.   The doubts which other people had, were his problems and worries also, by expressing this, he started the dialogue

27.   How can one student/follower have two teachers? Shree raised this question and started revealing the mystery

28.   1940 – It was the day of Shivratri, Shree and Shabde set out on foot for sighting of Shiva

29.   They met Shankarrao Borgaokar on the way and he also joined them for the sighting

30.   Shree asked him – ‘Where is Tripura village? I don’t know the village but I know Tripura goddess’

31.   We are seeking the goddess only – Shree told him, Borgaokar said – ‘I have a book’

32.   ‘Conversations between Datta and Parshuram’, mention of Tripura goddess is made in this book, Shree was surprised

33.   The conversations between Parshuram and Datta were mentioned in this book of MahatripurSundari

34.   What a surprise and coincidence, what Shree himself had experienced, how to express to others was Shree’s problem

35.   This issue which was troubling Shree for more than a year, it received the support and backing of a religious book, Shree felt happy

36.   ‘Can we get the book?’ – Shree asked Borgaokar, he immediately brought the book to Shree

37.   The worry which had Shree troubled for so long, the solution of it was the conversations between Parshuram and Datta

38.   What Shree had experienced, how to express it had become an issue, the mere title of the book resolved all doubts

39.   Before becoming the head of the seat of Datta, Shree was bestowed with knowledge and teaching by a mysterious force

40.   When the lineage of Datta, was to be followed, why didn’t Datta give his own bestowment and teaching was the question before Shree

41.   By this bestowing, Shree got the happiness of complete state, nothing was left to achieve, Such an experience was in this

42.   Bestowment of one and teacher student relationship of another, why did this happen, one started thinking

43.   Then who is our real teacher, this question would arise in Shree’s mind

44.   This was Shree’s problem, mind was crowded with these thoughts, why did this happen, these thoughts were on his mind all the time

45.   Such became Shree’s state, he felt as if he did not want the complete state, did not want the divine experience

46.   Without even touching the ear, an invisible form had given a mantra to Shree

47.   Within one month of this event, all the reigns of the temple came in the hands of Shree

48.   How can one student have two teachers? Shree got so troubled by this questions, even the food would not taste sweet to Shree

49.   Why did we accept the second teaching? Why could we not avoid the second contact?

50.   This was Shree’s thinking, but the same form had appeared in person and had given Tripura mantra

51.   He gave his introduction, He was Lord Parshuram himself, Shree came to know

52.   If Lord Parshuram wanted to do bestowment, why did he not give his own teaching?

53.   Datta and Parshuram and TripurSundari, how to link these 3 things was the puzzle before Shree

54.   Both bestowments were given physically, the second was accepted selfishly, anyone who say, why was the second one not avoided?

55.   If we think religiously, boon can be given only by Gods

56.   The authority of giving teaching or bestowment is only with human race, but this theory also fails in this case

57.   Lord Parshuram is immortal form of Vishnu God himself

58.   Hence, he roams in human form in this world, hence he can give bestowment, one solution was in this

59.   In case of first bestowment, Shree did not have control over his actions, such were Shree’s thoughts

60.   By conversations between Datta and Parshuram, by mention of TripurSundari, all issues were resolved by this mere book

61.   Why was the second bestowment not avoided, there was answer to this question, it was proceeding as per pre-determined plan, proof was in the book

62.   Parshuram gave the sign / signal to Gangadhar Maharaj, that’s why he made Shree the head of the religious school as per the signal

63.   Hence, Shree could sit on the seat of the school to do the pre-determined work and Shree got the position

64.   At the time of first bestowment, Shree did not have control over his actions, it was a special plan of Parshuram to give bestowment to Shree

65.   To get the pre-determined work, to give position to Shree and make him head of the school, it was plan of Parshuram

66.   On basis of Parshuram’s direction and sign, Gangadhar Maharaj made Shree head of the school and gave him the bestowment

67.   In this way, questions which arose in the people’s mind, Shree made it feel like the same questions were troubling him too

68.   By generating this feeling, he voiced the subject and very tactfully solved the mystery

69.   But Shree told this without anybody realizing it, this was the skillfulness of Shree, Shree said the following in this regards

70.   ‘The divine knowledge which we have acquired, anybody who wants to test it or experience it, he can do so happily’

71.   ‘By whatever means or ways, one wants to take the test, he can do so willfully’

72.   ‘But do remember, while mentioning some mysterious signs, our words get stopped or silenced’

73.   ‘Whatever has been told, please remember it and it should be kept at that place only i.e. not made public, for explanations, please do a detailed study’

74.   ‘To give you a glimpse of pure and true knowledge, we have taken control of your inner mind’

75.   ‘At this very place, the seed of knowledge starts to germinate’ – These are Shree’s words

76.   The mystery in Shree’s words, how can one know, the wording of the message is such that nobody should come to know.

77.   Even after telling if one does not know that the control of his inner mind or conscious has been taken over by Shree

78.   If one does not know even this then doing a detailed study is difficult, understanding is difficult, we do not have the capability

79.   Only one thing is in our hands, complete surrender to Shree and bow to him completely

80.   Rest everything is in his hands, complete surrender to Shree and bow to him completely

81.   1938 – from this year, Shree started giving teachings to fortunate ones

82.   1943 – from this year onwards, Shree used to inspire followers to do the work destined to be done by him in his incarnation

83.   The work which was foretold to be done by Shree, Shree’s efforts were to inspire his followers to do it

84.   1944 – Sept 21, it was a Thursday, Shree made a pledge

85.   I will reincarnate the Vedas – this very difficult pledge Shree did on that day

86.   Six days afterwards, on the auspicious day of VijayaDashmi, Shree put water on his Guru’s feet and reinforced his resolve

87.   I will reincarnate the Vedas, religiously doing this pledge, in witness of his Guru’s feet, Shree made this pledge

88.   On that very day of Hindu new year, in the afternoon, Shree composed Saptashloki Dharmadesh, the seven versed orders of religion, in the fulfillment of his pledge

89.   In 1944 – Thursday Dec 21 – Shree got the following divine knowledge

90.   The work which was left incomplete in the Buddha incarnation, to complete that work, Shree has come

91.   Shree got this revelation, what was the time span of the work, Shree started thinking and then he received the knowledge

92.   For the opportune time to come, all the stars have to still align – Shree came to know this

93.   1945 Jan 4th – It was a Thursday, Shree had the revelation

94.    The cause and the means – you have been made, this divine knowledge was communicated to Shree

95.   The divine knowledge which Shree got, the divine events that happened, whatever was told, the day of it all was Thursday

96.   The connection of these divine events and Thursday seems to be special

97.   For many of these events, the date was 21, the relationship between the two seems very important

98.   Day of Thursday, date of 21, the connection of these two seems very valuable

99.   For some events, day date and month coincided, it is of great novelty

100.                        The further narration is continued in the next episode, the writing is very thought provoking and inspiring

101.                        By praying to Shree and touching his divine feet, this eleventh episode ends here


Shree Gajanan Maharaj