Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 13

1.       By praying at his lotus feet, I become very happy, I get lost in thoughts of Shree all the time

2.       Whoever has the longing for Shree, he makes spiritual progress and his worldly desires subside

3.       Creation of worldly wants and desires, this in fact wrong trait, hence the closeness with Shree, to destroy these worldly traits

4.       Non-creation of worldly desires is a sign of great fortune, when the sight of Shree falls on you, all the worldly desires become irrelevant and unfounded

5.       ‘I want this, I want that’, I want whatever I can get, I want whatever I cannot get, one’s life passes in away in these wants

6.       These flocks of wants should stop, then only you will get something new, when this flock of wants stop, you will get something unique

7.       To attain the great fortune and for the ultimate upliftment, one should worship Paramsadguru and chant his name

8.       These Paramsadguru, by revealing the ten commandments of Vedas, telling the ten orders of Vedas, gave teachings and advice to his followers

9.       1946 Month of August, Shree sent a letter to his follower – Kantilal Patel 

10.   This was not a mere letter, it was Shree’s narration, very valuable advice was contained in this letter

11.   In this twenth century, science has made so much progress, in this scenario

12.   Is there a need or possibility of these religious beliefs and reincarnation of Vedas

13.   The doubts which would arise about the reincarnations of Vedas, the questions which would arise, Shree preempted them before hand

14.   What is essential and what needs to be followed today also, which is such truth told by Vedas which is bound in all three worlds?

15.   Shree explains this and the answer to the above question is that, Shree narrated the ten commandments of Vedas

16.   1. Truth, 2. Non-Violence, 3. Good thoughts, 4. Kindness to All, 5. Penance, 6. Pure Acts, 7. Donation, 8. Absistence, 9. Self Study

17.   And 10. Remembering the Lord, these are the 10 orders told by the Vedas, the reach and meaning of which is vast

18.   Think about these 10 orders sequentially, this is a very important part and its reach is also vast

19.   Truth is the first order, practice truth all the time, by truthful behavior you will make progress in this world

20.   Second order is non-violence,  killing of innocent people is very big vice, hence one should follow non-violence

21.   Kindness to All – All around till the untouchable lowly being, do kindness and think good about all, is the third order

22.   Fourth order is Good thoughts, good thoughts should come to your mind all the time, good deeds happen because of this

23.   Fifth order – Donation, one who does donation, his wealth never decreases but always increases

24.   Sixth order is Purity, always keep purity in thoughts and behavior and pass a lifetime of doing good deeds for others

25.   Seventh is Absistence, Absistence is necessary for protection of wealth and nations and it is possible by only Absistence

26.   Eighth order is Penance, without penance understanding of the true form of God is not possible

27.   Ninth order is Self study, read and study Vedas and holy books by which your inner soul will get purified

28.   Remembering God is the Tenth, Hey Lord I will not forsake you in any situation

29.   You are our only, we are yours only, remembering Lord, doing self study and penance is the true meditation

30.   After narrating the ten orders of Vedas, Shree tells us that

31.   These 10 orders of Mother Vedas, of one follows, he will undoubtedly achieve salvation

32.   But one should resolve and commit to obey these orders, by saying this Shree ended his letter

33.   This complete letter can be seen by all, it has been captured in the book ‘ The walks and Paths of Life’

34.   Because of this, we all can see Shree’s handwriting and we get the sighting of his handwriting in this great book

35.   1958 – From this year Shree stopped writing, he stopped holding the pen

36.   The one’s who got letters in Shree’s handwriting are really great, what to mention about their great fortune

37.   Lord himself writing the letter and receiving the letter, this is a great fortune

38.   Letter written by Lord, and the ones who got them, what can be more fortunate for those chosen ones than this?

39.   Whether one is atheist or believer, one feels that he should be going doing good deeds, this truth is acceptable to all

40.   The violence of innocent people, can be acceptable to whom? Thinking well and good about everyone, gives happiness to all

41.   Good thoughts should come to one’s mind – anybody would like it, when one does good deeds for others, he definitely gets wealth and prosperity

42.   By keeping pure behavior, happens self development and upliftment, Absistence following is necessary for preservance of knowledge and nations

43.   By penance one comes to know about God, by self study one gets purity of thoughts, I am yours and you are ours – This is the remembering of the Lord

44.   By narrating the 10 commandments of Vedas, Shree writes further as follows

45.   The age old religion which has come along from the age of Aryans, the form of this religion has been transformed in this modern  age

46.   By mere birth one gets his superiority and authority, a very few are Brahmans, the rest are lowly

47.   As per the system laid down by the Vedas, superiority is not based on birth but is based on one’s deeds, such is the planning of the Vedas

48.   The deeds and work of God is for the whole world, it is not for a particular sect or race, it is nowhere mentioned in the Vedas that the knowledge in the Vedas is for specified restricted people

49.   The teachings and knowledge of Vedas should not be told to anyone other than few special people, such a restriction is nowhere mentioned in the Vedas

50.   The knowledge told by God, studying the knowledge and acting according to it and doing worship of God

51.   This is the right of all humans, nobody will be left over, this is a scheme for everybody

52.   Worshipping Vedas, studying them and acting according to them are common similar rights of all mankind

53.   This is the teaching of true pure religion, the roots of all religions is in the true religion

54.   All religions, all sects are the corollaries and derivatives of this true pure religion, such great is the true pure religion told by the Vedas

55.   These are Shree’s thoughts about true religion and this is his opinion about true religion

56.   The revolution which started in the 20th century under the pretext of religious upliftment and betterment of society, the thoughts which arose, and there was attack on the discriminatory system of classifying humans by their birth

57.   Shree has expressed thoughts in lines to them or similar to them, one might think this

58.   But it is the narration of reality, hence the thoughts and language used to express them are similar

59.   By the following the path shown by Vedas, one should do his own progress and upliftment, wellbeing of all is the only motive behind it

60.   The motive of this should be only for a particular section of the society, the obstacles which were created in its path for others, Shree always opposed it

61.   There is not social reasoning behind this, and there is no intention of it being there, pure thoughts of Shree are these

62.   By doing the pledge of reincarnating the Vedas, Shree’s mind thought as follows

63.   If for the upliftment and betterment of mankind is this knowledge laid down by the Vedas, the ones who would like to do their upliftment

64.   All the ones who have this desire, and those who are trying to be worthy and capable of it, for all and everyone of those

65.   Have the equal right to use this path and do their upliftment

66.   Shree wants to tell this very clearly and specifically, such are the thoughts of Shree about knowledge of Vedas

67.   To some specific followers, these were Shree’s orders and he inspired them to do the holy work and it was his orders to them

68.   Put the responsibility of fulfilling your worldly needs and desires on us, get started right away with the work

69.   The responsibility of your upliftment and betterment we have accepted, you get involved in the work of betterment of mankind

70.   You are getting to be a part of a great religious work, take happiness in this fact

71.   Tatya Maharaj had said earlier that the stars of Shree were so aligned that he had ‘Pravgya Yog’

72.   Staying in the society, but being aloof and detached from it, to stay detached physically and emotionally in midst of chaos of society – This is known as ‘Pravgya Yog’

73.   On the first death anniversary of his teacher, Shree thought of taking Sanyas - What was the Sanyas acceptable to Shree?

74.   Listen to pure religious narration of Sanyas in words of Shree from his own mouth, Shree says that –

75.   ‘We are expressing a little revolting opinion, today’s Sanyasis appear to be fake to us, mere imposters

76.   As per Vedas, Sanyas is different, to be free from the vicious cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth, is the true Sanyas laid down by the Vedas

77.   The idol of such Sanyasis were Lord Datta, he wore the thread of threading ceremony, but he did have any attachments

78.   This is true Sanyas, the ones who wishes for upliftment of others and has deep and pure longing for it

79.   How many are really troubled by this longing and desire? Such is the state of today’s Sanyasis

80.   Looking at this state, we had to invent and find new way of following religion

81.   The authority of tell about religion comes only after achieving Sanyas, such are beliefs laid down by religion

82.   One cuts his hair at night and then chants Lord’s name, if Sanyas is achieved by doing this

83.   Then we do not see any difference between a Sanyasis and a mad man, there is no such difference in the eyes of Law, but there is a difference in the eyes of religious spirituality

84.   One gets the births and rebirths by his acts in this world, when these chains are broken automatically on their own

85.   Then it is true Sanyas, Sanyas is not a teaching, it is a state, this is the main difference’

86.   After getting the authority, within a couple of years, Shree expressed these thoughts, they are very valuable

87.   These thoughts give glimpses of Shree’s way of thinking, his way of working and his methodology

88.   These stream of thoughts, Shree laid down explicitly in a very long time afterwards

89.   1942 – Shree got the teaching of Tripura Mantra, as soon as Shree understood the plans and signs behind them

90.   Bhaurao Patel, Kantilal Patel, Bavdekar, Nanubhai Vyas, Dahabhai Patel

91.   All these followers were very special to Shree and Shree wrote them letters and told them about various events

92.   In one letter, Shree writes – ‘We have expressed different opinions at different times

93.   Sometime we told the way of Prayer to somebody, we told the way of Acts, we told the way of Self study to somebody

94.   These ways of life are told based on the readiness and the mental state of the followers and he is told the way which is best suited to him at that time

95.   This divine knowledge which we are narrating, we did not have to do a lot of study and meditation for achieving this

96.   The reason behind this is that in one of the previous births, we did very hard meditation and penance

97.   Hence we achieved the ultimate goal, to say this we have proof with us

98.   To get the revelation by God, we did not have to do any self study or meditation’ – These are Shree’s words

99.   In these words of Shree, his authority is expressed, we get the proof, what is the need for other narrations

100.                        In the fourteenth episode, the journeys of Shree with Lord Parshuram are described, this is a very fluid and interesting part

101.                        By praying to Shree and keeping head at his lotus feet, this thirteenth episode completes here