Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 14

1.       By remembering Shree’s form, by remembering his great deeds, lot of content and satisfaction arises in one’s mind

2.       By praying to Shree, Lord Ram appeared and while I was observing this, Ram became one with Shree

3.       My solid belief and faith is that Ram and Shree are the same, Ram is Shree only, there is a place in my mind for such a god

4.       My firm belief is that all the Gods I see are forms of Shree, such is my conviction

5.       Today Shree is visible to us, we can talk to him, keep head on his feet

6.       So many Gods have descended on this Earth and gone, we did not see anybody, we did not talk to anybody, physical touch is a matter long away even to consider

7.       Shree is their form, I believe in it, all the forms of Gods are forms of Shree himself

8.       We can actually see the proof, why does the present need any proof, this much proof should be sufficient to elucidate this subject

9.       1938 – 1945 –These seven years were the years of Shree’s self study i.e. book readings

10.   A small village like Akkalkot, did not have a library, the readings of Shree were very limited

11.   Any book Shree took, he read the book completely, this never happened in case of Shree

12.   Afterwards from here, Shree stopped reading, the reading of Shree was very limited

13.   Today by giving mysterious references from various places, Shree surprises the ones who study and are knowledgeable

14.   By explaining a known sentence in a completely new angle, the knowledge of Shree surprises the intellectual ones

15.   Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Shree can converse fluently in many languages

16.   Many languages find their place in Shree, Shree is the epicenter of world encompassing religion

17.   When did Shree gather this vast knowledge, this question arises in the minds of curious ones

18.   1938 – 1950 – This phase was known as ‘Study’

19.   In this phase, the study and meditation of Shree took place, help and direction Shree got from Lord Parshuram himself

20.   In the company of Parshuram, many travels of Shree took place, Shree and Parshuram, only both of them were in these travels

21.   Parshuram practically comes and takes Shree on voyages with him, what a matter of great surprise?

22.   In this 20th century, Parshuram physically come, Shree and Parshuram embark on doing travels

23.   This event is grand, what an divine occasion, what great authority Shree has acquired

24.   Only in case of Shree, such events happen in the 20th century, how can one judge their authority?

25.   To understand their authority, we have to go to their level of capability, then we can have any chance of understanding it, else we will not even get a scent of it

26.   Loyalty, faith and trust is need, if one has it then he will see the light, else there is only darkness all around

27.   With Parshuram Shree did 6 travels, the travels were done at evening times

28.   In the evening, 15 minutes before 7.00, Shree used to come back in the Gurumandir

29.   Going and coming was by the soul’s path, there was no consideration of distances, the distance can be great

30.   However great were distances, one second was enough, the speed of both was outstanding and had no bounds

31.   When both started out, the initial 300-400 steps they used to walk like everybody, then the speed was lightning

32.   One second they were here, the next second they were on the Himalayas, however big was the distance, just one second was enough for them

33.   1938 – Both went on the mountain Mahendra, this was the first travel of both of them

34.   One day in the evening, Parshuram appeared besides Shree and both set out at that time and went on a mountain range

35.   This is the mountain range of  ‘Sahyadri’ – Parshuram told Shree, after climbing three slopes, they saw a hut

36.   Parshuram entered the hut, Shree also went inside behind him, the hut was so small that you has to bend over while entering the hut

37.   Further, coming out from the hut, they saw down from a height and they saw a very deep valley

38.   In the very deep valley, a river was flowing, greenery was everywhere, birds were chirping everywhere

39.   The atmosphere and the surroundings were very pleasant, it felt as of the heavens had descended at this place, staying there for a few moments, both returned

40.   This travel of mount Mahendra was the first of Shree and Shree got the happiness of Divinity in this travel

41.   On the divine mount Mahendra, Parshuram resides, that Parshuram himself were in the company of Shree

42.   Twenty years after this travel, Shree went to Chiplun, to do holy pilgrimage of Parshuram

43.   1958 Jan 21 – seeing the temple over there and sensing the atmosphere and surroundings

44.   Seeing all this, Shree realized that this was the same place where he had come

45.   Parshuram had brought us to this very place, remembering this Shree felt happy

46.   The journey of mount Mahendra the abode of Lord Parshuram, ended in this way

47.   Second journey of both happened to Himalaya mountain – where Lord Vedyas had his hermitage

48.   On the way, there was a natural cave, Shree saw closely, he saw a holy saint meditating in the cave

49.   Next to him, a lady was sitting with a ‘Veena’  - a musical instrument like violin in her hands, Shree only saw this much and they proceeded further

50.   Shree though that in the evening, at the time of Agnihotra, the saint’s wife must be playing the instrument to give him signal

51.   Or when meditation ended, she must be playing the instrument to signify her happiness

52.   Who was this saint? Who was the lady with the musical instrument? I would like to know about them both, my humble request to Shree

53.   Some great  saint he must be, from the old times, I thought this, I will be happy to know more about it

54.   Then 200 footsteps away, they saw a hermitage, they saw a ferocious tiger, the tiger came towards them

55.   The tiger came near both of them and started back with both and returned to the hermitage along with both of them

56.   As the place of hermitage came near, mouse going inside the hermitage were seen, the tiger saw them and attacked them

57.   Shree started thinking – the basic nature of the tiger is violence, then how does he reside and stay peacefully and non-violently with the people in the hermitage?

58.   This was the hermitage of saint Vedyas, both entered the hermitage, the great saint wearing his holy clothes

59.   All the Vedas and great purans were written by saint Vedyas himself, Vyas was a form of Lord Narayan, his authority was great

60.   His body was glowing all over, the hair of his beard was flowing white, bright glow all over, epitome of knowledge himself

61.   Looking at hair of his beard, it felt as if saint Vyas just had a bath

62.   Lord Parshuram gave the introduction of Shree to Vyas very tactfully

63.   The one whom we had told you about, they are those only – he told only this much

64.   Listening to Lord Parshuram’s words, the face of Vyas glowed and shined with happiness and Vyas was very content and satisfied

65.   Behind Vyas at some distance, some 10-12 important people were there, looking at them

66.   Lord Vyas, introduced Shree in a silent manner without using words

67.   Vyas did the introduction with mere wave of his hands; everybody understood the introduction, what a great miracle?

68.   Without uttering any words, without having any conversations, the introductions were made and everybody understood the introduction

69.   Great is the saint Vyas, great is the person who made the introductions and great is the person whose introductions were made

70.   The persons behind Vyas, when had the introduction of Shree, They became very happy and satisfied

71.   The words of one of them, Shree heard clearly – ‘You are the exact same person’ – said the person

72.   ‘You will be coming, we had realized it before’ – were the words of second person

73.   ‘You came here, we felt very content and pleased’ – third person’s words at that time

74.   At that time in the hermitage, in the pit of fire, the holy fire was lighted, the scene was very pleasing

75.   When it was time to do Agnihotra, Shree immediately returned and Shree came back to Gurumandir and the second voyage completed

76.   In the actual hermitage of saint Vyas, Shree goes, Shree greets saint Vyas, saint Vyas also greets Shree and sees him

77.   Parshuram introduce Shree to Vyas, seeing Shree Vyas was pleased

78.   Vyas introduces Shree to other people, all of this is unheard of, untold of, it’s beyond comprehension

79.   This all is proof of Shree’s greatness and expresses Shree’s authority

80.   In the third journey, there was snow in all four directions, all the region was covered with snow, Parshuram told Shree

81.   This is the mountain of Himalaya, Shree came to know later on that this mountain is also called ‘GandhMadhan’ mountain by everybody

82.   This GandhMadhan mountain is near Kailash mountain, this vast region is near great lake of ManasSarovar

83.   The surrounding and atmosphere of this place was very pleasant and uplifting, all the ground was covered with snow, snow in all four directions

84.   While walking on the snow, there was no difficulty to both, they stopped at one place, there was a hut there

85.   Without seeing, going inside, Shree thought this hut must be like any other room

86.   As soon as Shree’s sight went there and went on the hut, Parshuram guessed Shree’s thoughts and told him

87.   Travelers stop here for taking rest in this hut, the thoughts which was in Shree’s mind, it got an answer

88.   Whatever came in Shree’s mind, Shree did not ask Parshuram, Parshuram used to guess it and give answer on his own

89.   Without asking anything, Parshuram used to guess everything, he used to know what thought was going on and used to give answer instantly

90.   Then Shree saw five animals, Shree had not seen such animals before

91.   The animals should be milk bearing, Shree thought, then Parshuram on his own told Shree

92.   These are load carrying animals, they are tied to carriages, at that time Shree saw a wagon pass by

93.   A person was sitting inside, Shree sights got arrested on that person and did not move from them, such a peculiar person it was

94.   The body was well rounded, the face was circular, the part of head was a lot bigger in proportion to body

95.   On that huge head, there was a very small cap which he was wearing, the body was very yellow

96.   His moustaches were very thin, as if somebody had drew them with a pencil, such a peculiar person it was, but overall appearance was attractive

97.   Looking at that person, what the wagon was made of, how many wheels it had, who was the driver of the wagon?

98.   Shree did not know this, his sights were only on that person, Shree saw this scene for few seconds

99.   The wagon passed by, after some time, both returned from there, Shree came back to Hermitage

100.                        Kailash and Pandharpur, then ShreeShailya mountain, this beautiful journeys are mentioned in the fifteenth episode

101.                        By saluting to Shree and remembering his lotus feet, the fourteenth episode completes at this point