Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 15

1.       By seeing Shree peacefully and for a long time, mind was filled with joy, keeping head at his lotus feet, I prayed to him completely

2.       Seeing Shree actually, gives great joy, praying to him, give great satisfaction

3.       I had Shree’s sighting, this is my great fortune, I saw Shree’s feet, this is my great fortune

4.       One day in the evening, Parshuram came in Gurumandir and both, himself and Shree went to Kailasa

5.       The grand Himalaya was standing there, the tall peaks were visible, Kailash mountain was very big and tall, the great lake ManasSarovar was visible

6.       Everything was very quiet, the beauty of nature was vast, the surroundings were very intoxicating, air was very refreshing

7.       Both has the sightings ( Darshan ) of owner of Kailash Mountain ( Lord Shiva ), when Lord Shiva knew about it, he opened his eyes

8.       Looking at Shree and Parshuram, joy was overflowing, he welcomed both of them and the great Shankar were contended

9.       I has sighting of both of you, I felt very satisfied and content, Shankar said this and embraced both of them tightly

10.   Three great beings united in these divine moments, this was a very valuable divine moment, all three were satisfied

11.   The three conversed, knowing the time of Agnihotra, saying goodbye to Lord Shiva, both of them returned

12.   Such was the fourth travel of Shree on Mountain Kailash, the fifth journey happened to Pandharpur once

13.   In the dead of midnight, Parshuram came to Gurumandir and both of them went to Pandharpur

14.   The fifth journey of both dietes, happened in the Pandharpur region, the time was of midnight, the temple was silent

15.   Nobody was in the temple, not even the priest, the door of the temple was closed, still both of them went inside

16.   The great Lord Pandurang who was tired and bored by standing for 28 ages continuously, came down himself, when he saw Shree and Parshuram

17.   Seeing Pandurang in front, all three were engrossed in the meeting, the meeting became very engrossing and lively and atmosphere in the inner room of the temple was lit with joy

18.   The lights filled to their brim with oil, saw this scene, Pandurang was very happy seeing both of them, then both of them returned

19.   On the sixth journey, both of them went to ShreeShailya, once in the midnight, dawn had not arrived

20.   The door of ShreeShailya is open on the auspicious day of ‘ShivRatri’, it is never open at any other time, this is the ritual of this place

21.   Even though the door was closed, Parshuram and Shree went inside, the worship of the diety was done, it could be clearly seen, the sacred leaves –‘Baile’ were seen on the diety

22.   The first worship of this diety is of the Gods, in this fashion, the worship of the Gods had been performed

23.   The holy Ganges could be seen on Shiva, sacred ashes were smeared on, Chandan paste was suiting the diety

24.   On the glowing diety idol, divine flowers were offered, the perfume was mingled in the air all around, it was a very pleasing scene

25.   Parshuram and Shree took the sighting of ShreeShailya, they finished the ShreeShailya journey and both of them returned

26.   Parshuram went to mount Mahendra, Shree came to Gurumandir, this is the brief narration of main journeys

27.   1938 – 1950, the journeys happened in this time span, the journeys of Shree happened

28.   Still the coming of Parshuram is on, Parshuram has a special affinity and attraction towards Shree

29.   Hence there is routine arrivals of Parshuram in Gurumandir, Gurumandir is his only, a very unique name

30.   It was called by the name of Ballapa’s hermitage, the name Gurumandir was given by Shree

31.   In Gurumandir, Parshuram resided, Parshuram is Shree’s teacher, Shree is the teacher of the whole world

32.   In this way, from all angles, Gurumandir name is apt and this name is known everywhere

33.   Parshuram physically comes, enters the Gurumandir, Parshuram and Shree go from stroll

34.   Even though Shree went with Parshuram, Shree was present in the Gurumandir also

35.   There are many such instances, Shree appeared at other places at the same moment as Shree was in Gurumandir also

36.   In the GuruCharitra book, the one who appeared in eight places at the same time, What is impossible to him, He is today the same as Shree

37.   1946 – Dec 1st – Shree had a daughter, her pet name was ‘Baby’

38.   1946 – Footwear, money and gold, Shree stopped touching these things

39.   Shree stopped touching gold and money, there was a reason behind this, an event happened

40.   The money had to be paid for things purchased for the Math, the person to whom the money was to be given, Shree told him

41.   You decide one day, come that day and take your money – Shree told him

42.   On the same day on which money was expected to be received in Math from outside, the same day Shree told him and called him

43.   Then Shree thought, if the money does not come on time, the word which we have given must be honored

44.   Hence, Shree explained the whole story to Gurumata and asked her to get money y pawning a piece of her jewelery

45.   If money comes on time, they can pay the debt and get back the jewelry, if the money does not come on time, at least the debt can be repaid

46.   Such was Shree’s plan,  Gurumata replied back – any piece of jewelry on my body, the people of the Math do not want to pawn

47.   Listening to this narration of Gurumata, saddened Shree

48.   Shree thought in his mind, gold is such an object, which attracts everybody, it is impossible to avoid its lure

49.   From that day, Shree developed adverse feelings about money and gold and Shree gave up touching both of them

50.   The necklace of Rudraskh, which was worn by Swami Samarth, came in the neck of Shree by heritage

51.   The necklace was made in ordinary thread, one goldsmith follower of Shree, made the necklace in gold

52.   The goldsmith was a music lover, once while listening to music, he became so happy, he died in the happiness

53.   The necklace made in gold, Shree removed from his neck, the gold ring he removed from his finger and gave up touching gold

54.   Once in the month of Shravan, Shree went to Mumbai, one of his followers did worship of his lotus feet, hence he removed his footwear

55.   Shree left from there barefoot, Shree told Shabde – ‘Take care of the footwear’, Shabde took them

56.   On returning from to Gurumandir, Shabde gave the footwear to Shree, but Shree would not wear them, Shabde was surprised

57.   Shabde started thinking – ‘Why is Shree not wearing the footwear, then he had a revelation, one very indicative of the meaning

58.   Shree used to wear the same footwear for many years, the feet which were in the footwear were of Swami Samarth

59.   Shabde told the dream revelation to Shree, Shree told him – ‘The footwear which Swami Samarth used to wear, how can we wear?’

60.   From thereon, Shree gave up wearing footwear, the both the feet of Shree were bare from thereon

61.   Once in the winter days, wearing a closed collar coat, Shree was doing worship, someone provoked Shree

62.   ‘Is worship done in such flashy or fashionable clothes?’ Shree decided thereon that he would give up wearing stitched clothes

63.   The five fold path told by Vedas, which was acceptable to Shree, it is very beneficial to everyone

64.   After doing daily Agnihotra, everyone can do it, one more way or path, Shree made available

65.   It would be possible to anyone, can be done easily, everyone would like to follow it, such a path Shree told

66.   1950 – Ashwin Vadh Navmi day, the path of chanting the name of Ram, Shree told his followers

67.   Shree says about this, Ram is very divine word, a very religiously captivating word

68.   The true meaning of this divine word cannot be found in any dictionaries around the world

69.   This Ram is not of any specific religion or of any sect or of any specific culture, this word does not belong to anybody specific

70.   The 52 letters are all very religiously captivating, if one does the meditation of any one letter, he will get fruits of results

71.   Such is the power of all the letters

72.   Such two divine letters came together, the two letters combined and the word ‘Ram’ was formed

73.   Out of complete reincarnations of the almighty, three forms took on his name

74.   Meaning ‘Ram’ is not the name of any of the three Gods, but the three of them selected this name for themselves and took on this sacred name

75.   Ram is not of hindus, nor of muslims or parshis or any religion, Ram is very independent

76.   It is linked directly to the nature, the human civilization, such is the vastness of Ram

77.   ‘RA’ is the seed of Fire, the importance of ‘A’ is proven everywhere, ‘ MA’ is descriptive of the Almighty God

78.   ‘Ram’ means ‘Omkar’, Ram means God, Ram is savior of everything that is created, Ram is the power of Shiva

79.   The almighty and his powers, the fire and its burning powers, both of them come together in the word ‘Ram’

80.   Agni or Fire is only one, the expansion of this holy fire and the expansion of this holy word is ‘Ram Krishna Hari’

81.   ‘Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare’ – by doing meditation of these holy words, doing the worship of Agnihotra, sacrifice your viceful deeds and anger and spite in the holy vessel in the form of this name or words

82.   Ram is world encompassing, Ram fills the whole universe, the light form of the God himself, this is his worship

83.   Shree felt like giving this form of worship to mankind, Shree gave a sighting to Kumudini Sarkhot

84.   First by giving them sighting , he inspired him to start the religious work in Kolhapur

85.   That day Kumundinibai saw Shree in triple form, and had the vision of seeing Sonamata, what a great sighting

86.   Kumundinibai did the preaching of chanting of Ram name in Kolhapur, one day they went to take the sighting of ‘Karvarvisini Goddess’

87.   First they saw the Goddess and they saw the left trunked SidhiVinayak Ganapati God at the same place

88.   To increase the preaching of the work, Shree appointed Wadnere, Shree gave him a message in his dreams and increased the spread of holy work

89.   1937 – receiving the message in his dreams, Wadnere carried on the great religious work

90.   The chanting began in Kolhapur publicly, it was resolved to do the chanting 13 million times from women only

91.   Later all men joined in, it was resolved to do chanting 20 million times, the resolve is completed every year

92.   Every year chanting of 20 million times, it this resolve of public chanting, all arrangements are made neatly and is completed every year

93.   This name worship – NamYagna – is going on, public support is behind this holy work everywhere

94.   For those who want extra tools, this chanting simple tool was invented by Shree for them and needs of everybody were met

95.   1953 – on the day of NathSashthi -  Shivanand embraced Chaturashram  - fourth and final phase of life journey and took on the name of Shivanand

96.   1953 – Shree had a son jewel, his name was Shrikant, petname was Gotu

97.   One year before itself, Shivanand recognized his end and he also mentioned about it

98.   His speech was very structured, sentences were very indicative, what he used to say used to happen

99.   To change his words, even the Kaal (the time God) did not have courage, such was capability of Swamiji, many had this experience

100.                        The great Swami Shivanand and his great demise, the narration of this serious part is in the next episode

101.                        By looking at Shree’s divine feet, I surrendered to him completely, the fifteenth episode completes here