Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 16

1.       By remembering Shree by soul and body, I sing this life story of Shree, I started remembering it by heart overall

2.       As the life story got interesting, I also got engrossed in it, I had no self sense at all

3.       I used to have thoughts about Shree the whole day, I used to have dreams at night about Shree

4.       I could feel Shree’s presence in all this, in all the acts I did, I could see Shree’s plan and vision in it

5.       1924 – Swami Shivanand went to stay in the village of Diraga – a village of laborers

6.        He used to remain alone, engrossed in meditation, Swamiji spent 14 years like this in the village

7.       On Shree’s insistence, he came to Akkalkot and stayed there for forever

8.       1938 – came to Akkalkot, he used to sit on the upper level of the Math

9.       His behavior was always calm, used to be engrossed in happiness, he used to do all his acts precisely at the predetermined times

10.   He was an idol of purity, his heart and soul was very pure, his disposition and behavior was very calm, goodness prevailed practically

11.   Used to be engrossed in eternal happiness, no care or worry about the body, the whole sky around used to look Godly, sublime disposition of Lord Shiva

12.   1950 – He had attack of Paralysis, this grave disease got cured in a matter of days

13.   Shivanand used to guess thoughts going on in other’s mind and also used to say them out loud

14.   The examples of his physic powers are invaluable, many people have these experiences

15.   Once in the dawn hours, in his dream, Shree saw a big monkey, on waking up, Shree started thinking about it – why did he see a monkey in his dreams?

16.   At that time itself, Shivanand called out ghosts and evil spirits don’t come near you, when you chant the name of Mahavir Hanuman – The monkey God, he used to say this, what physic powers he had

17.   He did not like fame, did not like to do miracles, he used to avoid the chaos and confusion of people

18.   He did not like false pretentious behavior, there should be self purity – Swamiji used to think

19.   Submission to the great teacher, purity of mind and soul inside and out, firm belief and faith in mind, continuous chanting of Lord’s name

20.   This was the summary of his teachings, his own behavior was very much like this

21.   While he was sleeping, one could hear the sounds of snoring as well as religious chanting at the same time, what great miracle

22.   Before embracing his end of life, Swamiji used to say – ‘Is there a bull here, to go about here and there?’ – what deep thoughts

23.   Swamiji always said – I am Lord Shiva, snakes roam near me, don’t come near me

24.   Swami was really Shiva, there are many proofs for this, he had a great aura and glow and his authority and capabilities were great

25.   Chaitra Shudh Chaturdashi – Shake 1876, April 4, 1954

26.   On the Friday evening, around 6.00 pm, Shivanand ended his life journey and became one with the form of Shiva

27.    Next day morning, at 8.00 in the morning, the bath and worship of the body was done

28.   Swamiji was kept in a vehicle / plane decorated with flowers and garlands and all the formalities were completed

29.   In the tune of musical instruments and to the tune of religious songs, the procession started from Gurumandir

30.   Their body was glowing like bright sun, their face was like the Sun – bright and glowing

31.   Looking at his divine form, everyone was very impressed, innumerous garlands were offered and coconuts were broken

32.   The procession starting from Gurumandir went to the burial place of Swami Samarth and then via the highway went to Shivpuri

33.   There worship and prayers were done, and taking his last sighting, the body of Swamiji was kept in the cave

34.   On the mid-day of full moon, around 12 o’clock, the burial chamber was closed, all the people became very sentimental and emotional

35.   The place where Swamiji is taking eternal rest, is a very holy place known by the name of Shivpuri

36.   In this Shivpuri, the world famous Somyag occurred, which was one of its kind great worship of Fire

37.   Still more Yagnas are going to happen in Shivpuri, great Godly functions and ceremonies will be conducted in Shivpuri

38.   This great place near Akkalkot, Shree established this divine place, what to mention about the importance of this place

39.   Whenever Shree left town, he used to go to Shivpuri, take sighting of Shivanand and then cross the village boundary

40.   Such is the greatness of Shivpuri, the boundaries of its greatness are ever increasing, Shivpuri has only one apt name and that is Shivpuri

41.   Potdar from Bhopal, started for Gangapur, on being told by Parkhe, he came to Akkalkot

42.   He had adverse negative feelings about religious teachers, saints, he used to think that all of them are farce and imposters

43.   1954 – Potdar came to Gurumandir, when he saw Shree, his outlook completely changed

44.   He did not have faith in anything, did not believe in anybody, he did not follow any schedules and actions, such were Potdar

45.   When Shree’s influence fell on him, Potdar changed, his firm belief was set in Shree and his place of faith became Shree

46.   If Shree’s vision of kindness falls on you, then your life will become worthy, such great powers are present in Shree

47.   He made this resolve, then he went to Bhopal, he received Shree’s message in a letter

48.   Under the pretext of Gangapur, we called you and brought you here, understand this as the beginning of a new era and take it to your heart

49.   It is the shade of the all giving tree – ‘KalpaVruskh’ , whatever you wish for will be granted, whatever you wish for will become successful

50.   June 13 1957 – Shree gave this message to Madhavrao and made him his follower

51.   June 20 1958 – Shree stayed in the great region of Parshuram – ‘Chiplun’

52.   By taking the sighting of Parshuram, Shree broke his silence, Shree felt very happy seeing Parshuram

53.   Shree circled Parshuram for one hour, Shree was engrossed in sublime eternal happiness

54.   There was a unique glow and sparkle on Shree’s face, pleasantness was a lot on Shree’s face

55.   Looking at Shree’s glow and aura and his encircling of Parshuram, Potdar was surprised

56.   Once Potdar left from Bhopal in a train, looking outside the window, he saw Swami Samarth

57.   Sometimes he used to see Swami Samarth, sometimes out there Shree could be seen, sightings of both of them used to happen sequentially in this manner

58.   Looking inside the train compartment, the sighting used to stop, looking outside the sightings could be seen, the sightings were very clear, he was very surprised

59.   Feb 13 1958 – Parshuram had a sighting in his dreams – he saw the Parshuram region and the temple of Datta and his holy feet

60.   This temple was on a height and below there was a Parshuram temple, Shree stood below it, there was a ditch there

61.   Some people could be seen there, Potdar was also amongst them, Shree told everyone looking at them

62.   The time of our ending our life journey has come, but the important work of ours has not yet been completed

63.   Our work which is remaining, must be accepted by somebody, who is ready amongst you, everyone started telling excuses

64.   Potdar said promptly, I am ready for your work from this moment, Please tell the work

65.   The dream ended here, all the events which occurred, he wrote and conveyed to Shree and requested him to explain the meaning

66.   Shree called Potdar, Potdar went to Shree, both sat in the Gurumandir, Shree started telling Potdar

67.   Whatever you experienced about us, whatever powers you saw in us, you came to know about us, it is by the grace of Parshuram

68.   This powers of ours, which you experienced, we have acquired by the grace of Parshuram

69.   He gave the KrishnaShakti mantra, told the Tripura mantra, ate the rice of 1 share, the six journeys which happened

70.   Whatever events occurred, Shree narrated them and Shree gave all the information to Potdar

71.   Madhavrao was spellbound, he listened to all this Parshuram narration with great interest and concentration

72.   Potdar’s happiness knew no bounds, he experienced sublime happiness, Madhavrao started thinking after listening to Shree

73.   Whose abilities are vast, authority is great, one who is the God himself, we got as our teacher

74.   Shree wrote Abhang Bodh and also wrote Bhargavbhaktimargopusana, told to translate the Satpashloki Dharmadesh

75.   Shree told – ‘write the life story of Swami Samarth’ – it is fortune of Madhavrao that he received Shree’s orders

76.   Potdar wrote life story of Samarth, translated Abhang Bodh, did Bhargavbhaktimargopusana and wrote ‘Saptashloki’

77.   Book – In search of happiness, book containing Shree’s religious orders, this book in English, wrote Madhavrao

78.    Book – The last step – Madhavrao wrote this book in English, books, poems, rhymes, he wrote on orders of Shree

79.   Wrote the book – In search of happiness, read out the book to Shree, got the book printed, Shree was contended

80.   Shree told to Madhavrao – Roam in all the corners of the country and do the publicity and preaching of this

81.   On Shree’s orders, Madhavrao Potdar put water on Shree’s feet and did the resolve on the day of Dasara

82.   I will religiously reincarnate the Vedas, he said this thrice and did this vow

83.   To spread the word about Shree’s teachings, to sell the books, this was the work

84.   Potdar travelled all around the country, sold a lot of books, spread the word about Shree’s preachings

85.   While doing the religious work, Madhavrao went to Ujjain to take sighting of Mahakaleshwar, he saw a miracle

86.   In the idol of Mahakaleshwar, Shree could be clearly seen, Madhavrao had a distinct sighting of Shree

87.   While taking sighting of Omkareshwar, this miracle could be very clearly seen

88.   In Omkareshwar’s idol, Shree’s face could be seen clearly, the face was very shiny, what a great miracle

89.   On the ShreeShailya mountain, on the idol of Mallikarjun, Narashimasarawati could be seen, this is mentioned in Gurucharitra

90.   On the idol of Kalkeshwar, Narashimasarawati could be seen, Narkeshari saw this miracle, this story is mentioned in Gurucharitra

91.   This miracle seen by Potdar, the same story is mentioned in GuruCharitra, what is the difference between GuruCharitra and ShreeCharitra, you only tell

92.   After roaming all around the country, spreading the gospel of Shree everywhere, Madhavrao returned and came back to Gurumandir

93.   Shree told to Potdar – ‘Seeing your religious victory, all Gods are content, but the work is not over yet

94.   Again roam over the country, give sermons and gospels of our teachings, spread the word of the religion, this is the work

95.   The message which we want to give the world, for which we descended on this earth, by making you the means, we only will do the work

96.   By taking the blessings of Shree, roaming all over India, giving sermons and gospels of Shree’s teachings, Potdar became victorious

97.   In every nook and corner of the country, doing the work of spreading Shree’s word, by gathering countless followers, the flag was hoisted everywhere

98.   The victory was supreme, it was Shree’s plan, this great work was performed through Potdar

99.   1950 – 1962 – This fourth phase is called ‘DigVijay – supreme victory

100.                        Then after this comes the phase ‘ Thirthathan’ – religious journeys, the fifth phase comes, this serious and enchanting part comes in the seventeenth episode

101.                        By praying to Shree, one’s eight senses get simulated, the writing ends here of the sixteenth episode