Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 17

1.       Looking at his lotus feet, I surrendered to him willfully, there is only one savior of the world, Shree himself is standing here

2.       Whoever is on Shree’s side, only they will attain salvation, only Shree is capable in this world to show right path

3.       Shree knows it all, Shree is knowledgeable in all subjects, they are great holy fire of the world, Shree is the witness to everything

4.       By giving offering of faith to him, one gets benefits multifold, whatever you offer, increases many many times

5.       Many have this experience actually, if you want to experience this, you can do so happily

6.       But there should be faith in this, then you will have the experience, for those who are only interested in the benefits, how can there be any experience?

7.       In the fourth phase of ‘DigVijay’ – supreme victory- Shree made Potdar the means and made his victory all over the world

8.       Shree planned Potdar as the means, hoisted the religious flag everywhere and did great victory all over

9.       Writing of books and verses, publishing many books, giving preachings of true religion, preaching the practice of Agnihotra

10.   For the follower of Ram’s name chanter, many plans for the follower, all this happened in the DigVijay phase

11.   1962 – 1974 – This fifth phase is called ‘Thirthathan’ – religious voyages

12.   In this fifth phase, Shree selected a person and planned his use as a means for his great work

13.   One of the Shree’s great followers – Baburao Parkhe, a great industrialist residing in Pune city

14.   ‘Rajrajeshwar Parshuram’ – King of the Kings Parshuram, ‘Jeevanchi Vatchal’ – footsteps of life, ‘Manaoputracha Dharmadesh’ – religious message of the Son of Man, these books he wrote

15.   In Pune, he gave religious sermons in gatherings, in Gurumandir his discourses, in these many ways he did the work of Shree

16.   Paranjape from Belgaum, on receiving Shree’s orders, to do the work of spreading the word of religion, went to America

17.   He shocked and awed the whole America, hoisted the flag of religion in America and did the influential work

18.   1962 – on day of Jestha Shudh Chaturthi, Shree came to Aurangabad from Akkalkot

19.   Shree had to give dues to his teacher, so for this, Shree donated everything

20.   All money he offered, vessels, clothes he donated, nothing was left with him and he gave away his ‘Kaupin’ also

21.   After offering everything, Shree became ‘Digambar’, the donation giving ceremony ended when everything was donated

22.   1974 – the time after this has been determined by Fate, you will see the times

23.   These were Shree’s words, after this event in 1974 – the fifth phase completes

24.   1963 – on the doorsteps of Gurumandir, Shree found ‘Shivkavach’ – armor of Lord Shiva, Shree took it in his daily prayer routine ritual

25.   In this Thirthathan phase, Shree established many religious places, he blessed many places, Shree’s travels were done

26.   He did many religious travels/journeys, established Idols of God at many places, did holy work of Fire worship and blessed many cities

27.   1963 – Mahadev Apte in Goa, Shree setup holy fire station and gave them religious discourse

28.   Shree established the footwear idols of great Sonamata in Sidhapur, Matrugaya and Gujarat

29.   Shree established the footwear of Gangadhar Maharaj in the colony of Harijans, the untouchables in Akkalkot

30.   In the temple of Shiva in Shivpuri, Shree established the idol of Lord Shiva, the name of this idol is Somnath

31.   1970 – on the burial place of Shivanand, established a beautiful idol of Shiva, name of it is ‘Shivanandeshwar’

32.   In the district of Akkalkot, there is a village called ‘Chungi’, on Shudh Saptami of Vaishak, Shree established idol of Lord Shiva

33.   The name of this idol is ‘Gajaneshwar’, in Shivpuri the world famous ‘Somyag’ the fire worship happened

34.   In 1970, in Banganga of Mumbai, Shree established the five metal idol of Parshuram

35.   Matoshree Shardabai went to Kashi and brought idol of Shiva, this idol was established in the upper worship place in Gurumandir

36.   This idol was named ‘Vishwanath’, then established the idol of Ganesha at Dharashivashi

37.   Then Shree established the idol of Parshuram at Khopoli, it was the 2nd day of February

38.   Gave the teaching of Agnihotra to Atre nana from Sholapur and at the birthplace of Sonamata started a school

39.   1971 – established this beautiful idol, established Sonamata

40.   Idol of Sonamata made of five metals, established in Sholapur in the Sonamata school

41.   Similar small idols of Sonamata, Shree gave to selected disciples, great are these disciples

42.   Date 30th Dec 1972 – Kalkeshwar established by Shree in one village

43.   In the Gurumandir of Una, established marble footwear, by going in invisible form one day at 200 am

44.   In Banganga Mumbai, one self raised Maruti idol is there, next to this Maruti, Shree established the idol of Shiva

45.   Shree got Ganesha idol from Saurashtra Somnath, and Shree established this idol in 1970

46.   In the inner room of Somnath temple, on the door, Shree established the Ganesh idol, at that time in Shivpuri

47.   In the colony of Harijans (the untouchables), Shree established burial idol of a Cow, food donation was done on a large scale, 15 August 1972

48.   Fire worships were done at many places, many religious events happened at those places, many Gods were established and many openings were made

49.   Countless foot worships of Shree were done, the work of Shree is going on, Shree did the various works for the benefit and upliftment of people

50.   Many travels Shree made, roamed many mountains, Shree resided at these religious places

51.   By touch of Shree’s holy feet, the Earth was made pure, mountains became more pure from that moment

52.   Religious places should get their religiousness, holy places should get its holiness, holiness of religious places should increase, this has great importance

53.   When he himself is the supreme God, why the religious journeys for him, these travels were not for self, they were for the world

54.   One who himself is a holy place himself, is pure religious place, what is the need of religious places for him, all this work is for upliftment and betterment of the world

55.   One who is holy place of holy places, religious place of religious places, idol of purity himself, Shree is practically this

56.   Holy places should get their holiness, religious places should get their religiousness, the purity of theirs should increase, hence this work

57.   Idols of God, Shree established in many places, gave birth to many religious places, he did this great work

58.   It is impossible to get information about all these religious places, what information I came to know, I wrote about it

59.   At many such places, the foot worships of Shree occurred and the imprints of his lotus feet appeared at the place of worship

60.   Everybody recognizes Shree as Lord Ganapati himself and they do his worship with great faith and worship on holy day of Sankasthi

61.   Shree’s sighting on the day of Sankasthi is a sign of great fortune, hence there is a big crowd on Sankasthi

62.   From faraway places, people come especially to do Shree’s worship and take his blessings and Prasad – holy blessed food

63.   On every Sankasthi the crowd of Shree’s followers increases, there is no limit to food distribution in Gurumandir ever

64.   Hundreds of plates daily are dispensed in Gurumandir, on religious and holy days, more plates are planned

65.   Food distribution on Sankasthi is special, on various religious festivals more plates are planned

66.   The main day is GuruPoornima – full moon day of teacher’s worship, there is no limit to food distribution, for work of worshipping Shree all and everyone come

67.   In such critical situation, food distribution is unlimited, hundreds of thousands of plates are dispensed, this is not an ordinary event

68.   The great luck itself is surprised, such work is done here, glory itself is dullified, such a place is this

69.   Glory itself gets blinded, greatness itself is overwhelmed, miracles are surprised, great luck is itself shocked

70.   At such Shree’s feet, people come from faraway places and return back being satisfied and pleased, each and every person

71.   Anybody who came to Shree, he returned unhappy, no one has seen one or heard of one

72.   There are as many dispositions as there are people, various type of people come to Shree, their wants or requests from Shree are varied, Shree never says No to anybody

73.   Everyone has Shree’s blessing, whether he is a follower or not, both are same to Shree, his kindness is on everyone

74.   We think of something in mind, to ask from Shree, When we see Shree physically, such great is experience of the sighting

75.   Such great is the influence of sighting, we become impressed, the thought of asking for anything does not arise in mind at that time

76.   Shree fulfills material wishes of some, increases faith of some, tells the way of life to some, suggest self study and penance to some

77.   Someone who has been coming to Shree for a long time, and someone who is coming recently to Gurumandir

78.   Both of them think that Shree’s kindness and grace is on them, such is the uniqueness and specialty  of Shree’s grace

79.   When something happens against our will, we experience sadness, we get tired of life and cannot think about anything

80.   But in Shree’s life, there are many such events, listen to Shree’s words from his mouth about this

81.   “Our life is filled with revolution from birth, we can see it very clearly”

82.   “Even though we did not wish for it, we got committed to some events and happenings, our wishes were something else”

83.    “Our personal thoughts were in one direction, but the Godly divine events were completely different”

84.   “Our birth place is Bengal Khadagpur, but our place of work is Pragyapur, birth is in the family of landlords, but profession is of establishing religion”

85.   “Study of modern knowledge, preaching and direction of old religious Vedas, the teacher who gave direction for religious study and teacher who have direction for salvation are different”

86.   “Study and worship is not molded from a specific mold, not only these but many such instances can be narrated in this context”

87.   Your fortune is great, everyone will get this experience, what is the extent of greatness of this place, anyone would be impressed

88.   Such are Shree’s great words, his authority acquisition is great, engrossed in the divine work, is Shree all the time

89.   When life was filled with revolution, progress was achieved from it, great persons are perplexed and puzzled looking at Shree’s authority

90.   People come to Shree’s lotus feet, put forth materialistic troubles, ask for routine reliefs from Shree

91.   When the God himself is standing, if you have to ask for something, ask for something which is influential, else you will not get anything worthwhile

92.   The God of wealth – Kuber, got pleased, but we asked for mere a spoonful of sugar for tea, for such fragile destiny/faith, what can God Kuber do?

93.   The business of millions of people are with Shree, ask for something worthwhile, life will be golden and birth-rebirth cycle will be broken

94.   Shree always says – “Ask for something from us which is realistic, you will be uplifted”

95.   “I am waiting here to give, but where are people coming to take it?” – Such are Shree’s words

96.   Listen to these Shree’s words, these words are invaluable, there is deep meaning in these words, such are Shree’s words

97.   We have asked for something, Shree should think in that way, only then that asking is worthwhile, otherwise it is not an asking at all

98.   This is not an ordinary place, one and only one place in three worlds is this Gurumandir

99.   The Lord himself is standing to uplift the mankind, do not waste this golden opportunity

100.                        The great fire worship – Somyag, happened in Shivpuri, the fame of the Yagna spread everywhere, this beautiful part is mentioned in episode Eighteenth

101.                        Looking at Shree’s feet, I prayed to him with heart and soul, the writing of the seventeenth episode completes here