Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 18

1.       Looking at Shree’s divine feet, I bowed to him completely, mind feels very content, when one has sighting of Shree

2.       You are sea of blessings, a great store of kindness, store of goodness, all ends are you only

3.       Shree’s feet is the only place of goodness, whoever came to know this, his fortune is great

4.       Some such followers, planned a great event, taking Shree’s permission, successfully completed the event in splendor

5.       On the occasion of Shree’s 50th birthday, the idea of performing ‘Somyag’ was presented before Shree

6.       Very systematically, all the events were listed, end middle and at the beginning, events were kept

7.       Various committees were formed, invitation cards were printed, plans got in motion, followers were engrossed in the work

8.       Various committees were prompt in their works, everyone was busy in their planned work

9.       The facilitator/organizer of Somyag were Baburao Parkhe, the doer of Somyag were Vishwanath Shastri

10.   The recipient guest of Somyag, the great authoritative Mahadev Shastri Apte of Goa

11.   The work of Agnihotra who has accepted lifelong, only he is capable recipient of Somyag

12.   The great place created by Lord Parshuram, the center of meditation, is the region of Goa, at this very place

13.   From the beginning of time, from the creation of universe, the example of Yagna system told by Vedas, Parshuram started at this place, and the great work continued

14.   Datta gave Parshuram the special ‘Shreevidya’, Parshuram only gave the discourse of ‘Tripuri’ mantra to Shree

15.    The mystery of Shreevidya, is in the fire worship and Yagna, performing Agnihotra is true prayers to Lord Parshuram

16.   1962 – Shree went to Mhapshe Goa and gave the discourse of Agnihotra to Mahadev Apte

17.   The fire which was established in Goa by Parshuram, Shree lighted and solidified it blowing on it

18.   After Mahavir Buddha, for 2500 years, there was no influence of religion, such was the destiny

19.   At the end of this period and at the 50th birthday of Shree, due to both these special reasons, it was decided to do Somyag

20.   The holy fire lighted by Shree, that fire of Parshuram, Apte brought this fire and entered the holy place of Yagna in Pragyapuri

21.   One month before, 1970 Jan 27, they reached

22.   Shree himself came in front, and welcomed the holy fire, everybody came to Gurumandir to the tune of musical instruments with great celebrations

23.   By welcoming the fire, by holding the royal umbrella over it, by playing auspicious musical instruments, procession was taken

24.   Procession started from the temple of Khandoba, in grand new Palkhi, started in great pride and splendor

25.    At the door of Gurumandir, Shree worshipped the holy fire, Matoshree Shardabai worshipped the fire with great splendor

26.   To the Brahmans who had gathered there, Shree gave as much money as could fit in his hands, all the Brahmans were satisfied

27.   Apte stayed only on cow milk for one month, he did specific penance for Somyag

28.   Joglekar from Gokarna were on the position of ‘Hotya’, he selected all the ‘Bhosars’ on the appropriate posts

29.   After selection of everybody was done, discourse was given to all, in total there were 17 ‘Thurthigyans’ in the Somyag

30.   The selection of Thurthigyans  was done, they were worshipped by milk and honey, and the discourse of Somyag was given to recipient of Somyag in a religious methodical manner

31.   These Thurthigyans had the following gans – ‘ Hotrugan, Udgatrugan, Bhrahmagan, Ardgyavugan’

32.    The Thruthigyans from Hotrugan  recited the Rugveda mantra, the pundits from Ardgyavugan said Yajurveda

33.    Udgatrugans Thruthigyans sang Samveda and the Brahma Thruthigyans sang the Arthveda

34.     By being decorated by the four Vedas, the Yagna began at the place of Shivpuri

35.   One month before in Shivpuri, the preparations were going on in full swing, hundreds of people by their own free will did the religious work all day long

36.   From the ghats – mountain passes – of Satara, Somvalli was brought and in this way the arrival of Somraj happened in the Yagna place

37.   The events of the Yagna, Athithiyasesthi were welcomed and worshipped, they were kept in the Yagna place for three nights and Tanumpatra event was performed

38.   All the Thruthigyans were touched to vessel filled with Druth, in the morning and afternoon for three days – Pravarg and Upasad Yag were performed

39.   Cow’s milk was poured in Pravarth, it was boiled in Mahavir vessel and it was offered in worship to Ashivano God

40.   On the main day of Sonya, Thruthigyans from Hota gan, started the recital of Pratarnuvak at the break of dawn

41.   In the morning ‘Prathasavan’ in the afternoon ‘Madhyadinsavan’ in the evening Thruthiyasavan, the juice of Som was extracted

42.   The Som juice was offered to various Gods and offered in worship to Uttarvedvar, Shastra and Devastu mantra were sung by Hotrugan

43.   Public recital of Devastu verses were sung by Udatgyan, after the main day of Yagna, the Yagna puch – tail end of Yagna was performed

44.    Then Avabhrutsnan was done in splendor, Udaniya isthi finished and the grand closure occurred

45.   This was a short description of events of Somyag Yagna, in this way the events of Somyag occurred

46.   The expense was done immense, there was a huge crowd, the programs were going on continuously, everybody was impressed

47.   Two miles from the village is the great divine place of Shivpuri, shops were setup on both sides of the road

48.   Decorated arches were setup at various places, all the trees were lighted up and decorated by electric light bulbs

49.   The vehicles of state transport were continuously running on the roads, there was no count of private vehicles

50.   The boogies of railway trains, were continuously emptied here, bullock carts and two wheelers were running, a lot of people came

51.   Hundreds of tents were erected, big buildings, bungalows, schools, temples, all of them were taken for residing of the people

52.   In the village, people even stayed in the houses of villagers, the huge crowd of people increased by the moment

53.   The whole village was very busy, various shops were decorated, all the surroundings were decorated by lighting

54.   At the entrance of Shivpuri, the great entry door was looking grand, in the middle of the door idols of three Gods – Trimurti was decorated, elephant heads were on both sides

55.   In Shivpuri, is situated the grand burial place of Shivanand and the marble statue of Shivanand is decorated at Shivpuri

56.   The grand idol of wellness, of great God saint Jamadagni , with its great aura, was sitting in the place of Yagna

57.   The idol of Jamadagni was so impressive and captivating that one would get list looking at it and one would think that the great saint himself is sitting at that place

58.   At that place was cowshed, there was a board with a message, the importance of cow’s milk was mentioned and importance of mother cow was narrated

59.   In the place of Yagna was the great grand powerful all encompassing idol of Lord Parshuram

60.   The body was very fit and muscular, in his hands was a very sharp weapon called ‘Parshu’, nest of white hair decorated on head, eyes were very sharp

61.   The fingers of the hand were in a particular manner as if they were depicting or telling the letters in the words ‘Shree’

62.   In the word Shree, there are three letters – Sh means Sha, Sha means wellbeing and goodwill,

63.   Ra is Agnibiz – seed of fire, E is the Shaktibiz, the union of these three letters is the word Shree

64.   Shree means ‘Shreevidya’, the one which was told by whom, and to who he got it, great divine authority of theirs

65.   Shree got the Shreevidya from Lord Parshuram, both of them were standing at the place of Yagna

66.   He is the sea of favors, store of kindness, store of wellness, such Shree were standing there

67.   His behavior and outlook was very pleasant, sharp and glowing were his eyes, body was strong like Kanchan, such a Shree was standing there

68.   In Shree’s divine presence, the chanting of mantras was going on in the Yagna, offerings were made in Yagna vessel, everyone was impressed

69.   Apart from the main event of Yagna, known knowledgeable Brahmans, came from faraway places, there were many intelligent Brahmans

70.   Reciting of Gayatri mantra, reading of Chidabar Dixit, reciting of various mantras, many such recitals

71.   Such recitals were done by many, a display of tools of Yagna was arranged

72.   There was a separate platform for Parshuram’s idol, on the way of circling the Yagna, many idols were kept

73.   Idols of the Ten reincarnations, pictures of saints, idol of Renuka Mata, made up of seven metals, pictures were displayed

74.   Datta, Shripadvalabh, Narashimasarawati, Samarth, Balapa and Gangadhar Maharaj, seventh one is Shree

75.   Seven attractive pictures were arranged neatly, the seven avatars should be made easily known was easily accomplished in this

76.   In the room in the front, Shree used to stay, there were arrangements to take his sighting, there was a large crowd for his sighting

77.   By taking Shree’s sighting, people used to feel content, by just seeing Shree people used to feel grand

78.   In the adjoining room, many idols were kept, Sonamata was standing, Swami Shivanand were sitting down

79.   Idol of Swami Samarth, a beautiful picture of Bhausaheb Shingavekar was put up in the room

80.   At that time, Vimal circus had to the  village, three elephants from there were brought to the Yagna

81.   The arrangements for lunch and dinner were excellent, 2000 people sat at one time to eat, servers served food systematically

82.   The lunches would begin from 11 in the morning and they used to go till 11 in the night

83.   Thousands of helpers, did the helping work out of their own will, many big officers and industrialists were also seen amongst the helpers

84.   By treating this work as work of their own house, and keeping the helping nature, everybody got engrossed in the work of helping everybody

85.   Whatever work one felt apt to so, he should do that work, and complete it with complete devotion, this is their offering to Yagna

86.   This was everybody’s thinking, there was no jealously or selfishness, all work was going on with one heart, with everybody’s free will

87.   Nobody asked for anything, people gave a lot with their own free will for the Somyag Yagna

88.   The king of Nepal Mahendra, he gave a lot of help, showed a lot of faith and devotion towards the Somyag

89.   People from various regions, offered wealth, food and picked up their share of help and work

90.   America, Canada, Japan, Sweden, followers came together from various countries, whole of India came to the Yagna

91.   On the Shree’s room, there was a board of ‘Om Tathatsu’, there was a separate platform for Agninarayan – the fire God

92.   Dakshiagni, Ghardatya and Ahvaniya, these were the three fire vessels and further was the platform of Pragvansh

93.   Further there was Uttarvedi, at this place, the goat used to be sacrificed, but in this Yagna there was no violence

94.   The juice of Som was offered on the Uttarvedi, this was the specialty of this Yagna

95.   Next to Uttarvedi, a tower of religion was erected, it is of seven feet height, present at the place of the Yagna

96.   This tower is going to be built solid of 40 feet height, the work is in progress

97.   Sanskrit seminar was held here, arrangements of everybody were appropriate, millions of people gathered, food distribution was in that proportion

98.   On the Bori river in Rampur, Avabhrut went for bath, at the time of Yagna, it felt as if heaven had descended in the city

99.   One saint same and said – ‘ We have come from Kashi, will we get a place here?’, arrangements were made on Shree’s orders

100.                        But the saint disappeared, Shree said – they were Kashivishweshwar – The God from Kashi himself, all people were surprised

101.                        Lord of Kashi himself came, this is the receipt of Yagna, by praying to Shree, I end this eighteenth episode