Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 19

1.       By taking sighting of divine Shree, one’s eyes are content, heart is filled with satisfaction and soul is filled with joy

2.       This Somyag which happened, there were seven specialties in it, the first and seventh specialty was very important and impressive

3.       This Somyag was as per pure religious way told by Vedas, this was a non-violent fire worship, animal sacrifice was not done in the Yagna

4.       After Mahavir Buddha, after 2500 years happened the only Yagna in which there was no animal sacrifice

5.       The ritual of animal sacrifice associated with the Yagna system was erased completely, from this Somyag a new age started

6.       People gave a lot with their own free will, wealth and food was offered in large quantities, piles of wealth and food were accumulated, how they got accumulated,  nobody knows

7.       Everyone helped with free will, nobody told anybody anything, the correct work completed quickly and promptly, with unity of heart

8.       In this great fire worship, everyone got the opportunity to help, everyone was content in helping

9.       Jealously and selfishness was not there, everyone had the feeling of equality, everyone was ready to help, thousands of people but one mind

10.   A lot of wealth and food was accumulated, crowds of people were spread all over, food distribution was countless, this happened nowhere else

11.   In Shree’s divine presence, Somyag was decorated with seven specialties, this was a one and only unique Yagna

12.   This one and only unique Yagna of the twenth century, will create happiness and peace in the world

13.   This is our wishes, Shree gave this message and expressed satisfaction towards help of everybody

14.   Unique and huge Yagna was performed, divine and grand fire worship was done, the sea of people were very impressed

15.   From this Somyag, the number of followers increased, people were attracted towards Shree

16.   People came to Akkalkot to especially take the sighting of Shree, people came from faraway places, the crowd increases day by day

17.   The state transport board, realized all this, kept buses from faraway places to Akkalkot

18.   The number of special buses which are for Akkalkot, that many number of buses are not there for any other village

19.   State transport board realized their materialistic gains and hence kept more buses, the followers were facilitated by this

20.   This happened only because of Shree’s influence, the question of both were solved, at the root was Shree’s influence

21.   Shree was adverse to publicity, he did not like pompousness, he used to be engrossed in meditation daily, such was Shree’s disposition

22.   Show miracles to followers, the followers should increase expontiantially, talks and publicity all around, Shree was against all this

23.   If someone had an experience, saw the light of divinity, Shree used to control him, such is the state here

24.   Everywhere else what happens, does not happen over here, this is the specialty and uniqueness of this place without any doubts

25.    A person falls in the mighty ocean, the experience of the water’s touch, is also not experienced, such is the arrangement of this place

26.   About this, Shree’s specific words are ‘ We do not tell anybody of do not wish to tell anybody’

27.   ‘To drink holy water from the hands of any specific individual, if the God wants to give a message through us’

28.   ‘He will give happily and tell the message, we are mere servants of the Almighty’

29.   ‘If someone had an experience of divinity at our place, we make efforts to step away from it’

30.   Because everyone has to do his own upliftment, not to treat us as their teacher, this thought we told to many’

31.   ‘Many have accused us of not being their teacher and many see unhuman powers and strength in us’

32.   ‘Divine miracles were experienced by many, even if these events were true, it is not our doing’

33.   ‘The Godly acts which happen, we are not the doer of them, we are mere ‘the means’ – such are Shree’s words

34.   These words of Shree are very important and valuable, the revelation of Shree’s thoughts is clear in these words

35.   Whoever goes to Shree, Shree puts him to the test, who goes away, who stays, whoever survives and stays, Shree is his

36.   Most go to Shree for materialistic gains, they are interested in the gains, once they get the gains, they stop coming

37.   To all my brothers and sisters, it is my humble request, once you got Shree’s feet, do not ever leave them

38.   Even if Shree’s kindness and generosity takes time, be assured that you will get his kindness eventually

39.   However, till the kindness is bestowed, do not lose patience, if you lose your patience, everything will be in vain

40.   There are many followers of Shree, they treat Shree as their everything, they do not think of anybody else and Shree’s kindness is on them

41.   Of these many followers, they have many experiences, there will be a book on the experiences, such a big store of experiences

42.   Out of that, some experiences of some followers, I have decided to narrate in a short format

43.   Madhavrao Potdar – are Shree’s great follower, Shree’s kindness is on Potdar to a great extent

44.   He treated Shree as his whole and soul, embraced dangers and troubles with ease, he has many experiences, which are narrated elsewhere in this book

45.   Baburao Parkhe is one of Shree’s great followers, he is a famous industrialist in Pune, he has unbound faith in Shree

46.   He treated Shree as God, he became rich by Shree’s grace, became wealthy by Shree’s grace and made spiritual progress

47.   Their disposition changed by Shree’s grace, happiness and sadness became the same for them, he became famous in his profession, great deeds were done by him in his industry

48.   In 1963, Kamalabai Parkhe had a dream, she saw Parshuram and both of them talked

49.   Baburao Kamalabai prayed to Parshuram and then Shree himself appeared and said to both of them

50.   ‘After dreams is Godliness, do chanting of the truth’ – this promise was true, dream was no longer remaining, both of them were having the experience in reality

51.   Two things are clear in these Shree’s words, Shree knows it all and Shree is Lord Parshuram himself

52.   The son of Sitabai Kavthekar, Mukund had food poisoning, by Shree’s grace, they had a revelation at night

53.   Shree himself appeared and asked to read Shani Mahatma, as soon as reading Shani Mahatma was started, Mukund became well

54.   They once saw in dreams, two great beings sitting, on one wooden platform Shree was sitting, the second being were Parshuram

55.   Kantilal Patel were Shree’s follower, Shree sent many letters to him, many mysteries were revealed in which, such was his authority

56.   Once Shree resided in Pune, Kantilal went to take his sighting in the morning, he had a dream, Shree was standing in his dreams

57.   He took Shree’s sighting, then a shinning blinding golden circle came from faraway and disappeared near Shree

58.   At that place, Lord Parshuram himself appeared, by taking sighting of Parshuram, Kantilal was elated

59.   Bhausaheb Peshkar were Shree’s great follower, many royal secrets Shree communicated to him

60.   Their beloved son, fell sick by food poisoning, it was a very difficult illness, said the doctors

61.   Bhausaheb was worried sick, at night Balu’s health started detoriating, everyone thought he was collapsing, he saw Samarth and Shree

62.   Balu said to his mother, put two sitting arrangements/ stools immediately, Samarth have come and Shree are also with him

63.   Samarth sat near his pillow, Shree sat near his thighs, Shree said – ‘Hey child, once you feel better’

64.   ‘Come to Akkalkot and offer food to us, Shree saved the child from the jaws of death

65.   On request of Padmakar Jarapatke to Shree, Parshuram gave sighting to him twice in his dreams

66.   Once in his dreams Shree came and stood in front of him, Shree looked the same as Swami Samarth, no difference could be seen

67.   Gundacharya from Gurumandir, had a dream in the wee hours of the morning, three great persons came to Gurumandir, great flock of hair on their heads

68.   One had Trishul in hand, Parshu was in other’s hand and a stick was with the third person, all of them were very tall

69.   We want to take Shree’s sighting, they said, Gundacharya told them to take sighting from a distance

70.   Three of them went  into Shree’s room, Parshu holding man went near Shree and put forward his hands, at that moment Gundacharya ran into the room

71.   By that time, Parshu holding person had embraced Shree and both of them met heartily, Gundacharya awoke from his sleep

72.   Where Agnihotra is performed, we reside at that pace, Shree once said to Narayan Kane Haridas

73.   Kanebua once went to Goa to visit Apte, seeing Apte in the fire temple, he was surprised

74.   In the place of Apte, he saw Shree himself, after taking sighting of Shree, Apte was standing there again

75.   For Datta festival, Kane took Shree to his village, while taking sighting of Shree, he saw Lord Datta himself

76.   Once Shree came to Mumbai, Meenanath Navalkar met him, he was worried with many troubles, a lot of hassles of creditors

77.   On remembering Shree, the troubles vanished, favorable decision was given in the court and arrangements for money were made

78.   Taking disguise of a saint, Shree gave the sighting of mountain tops of Abu mountains to Chandrakant Dave from Mumbai

79.   D.R. Kulkarni were a doctor, very famous in place called Lunawada, by Shree’s grace his prowess increased and he cured a lot of people suffering from grave diseases

80.   Ranchod Patel were from Kherwadi, Gujarat, by Shree’s grace, he had divine experiences routinely

81.   He achieved happiness, content, resolve, peace and untold strength, troubles vanished, questions were answered, only by Shree’s grace

82.   Champabai were his wife, at home at the place of worship, she had Shree’s sighting and she was very happy

83.   While she was unconscious in the hospital for an operation in Baroda, she saw Shree himself standing there

84.   Ramakant Dave applied the Shree’s blessed ashes to a child who was about to die and Shree avoided the death of the child

85.   Dave studied for exams, whatever part he read, used to come in the exam papers, what grace of Shree

86.   Dave said to a person that he will have sighting of Parshuram that night, that person had the sighting of Shree practically

87.   In Mahendra Gandhi’s dreams, Shree came and immediately idol of Shiva appeared in the place of Shree

88.   Once taking the disguise of saints, Parshuram and Shree practically came and met Mahendra and talked to him, when Shree told, he came to know that

89.   Shree came in invisible form and established a marble footwear in temple at Una, this is known only to Hiralal Gandhi

90.   Health of Gandhi deterioted, an operation was needed, it was necessary to get Shree’s permission, hence they informed Shree

91.   No message came from Shree, Hiralal got admitted in the hospital, answer came from Shree – Let’s see after Diwali

92.   Immediately Hiralal came home, what miracle, Gandhi got better and got good health without doing operation

93.   Hiralal Jayabai saw clearly on Shree’s chest, the idol of Lord Shiva from Banganga while taking sighting of Shree

94.   Hiralal Jayabai made a request to Shree, imprints of feet appear, Shree gave permission

95.   A double folded piece of cloth was kept on the plank of word, both on cloth and plank of wood, the imprints of Shree’s feet appeared

96.   Not only this, even on the floor, imprints of Shree’s feet appeared, in Shree’s photo, Jayabai clearly saw Samarth

97.   Jayabai in Una, was taking the sighting of Parshuram vessel, in the idol of Shiva, She saw Shree clearly

98.   Jayabai had a difficult illness, time came to do operation for the third time at the same place, at the time of operation Shree said ‘Do not fear’

99.   Till operation was completed, Shree could be seen by her, standing near here, the operation was successful, Shree saved her

100.                        Sunanda Patwardhan saw Shree to be the face of God Ganapati, Bhagwantrao Kulkarni saw Shree to be Ganapati himself

101.                        By taking Shree’s feet in hand, by praying to him, I surrendered to him, nineteenth episode completes here