Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 2

1.       Praying to Shree, placing my head at his holy feer, I experience sublime happiness

2.       Whoever sees Shree and puts his head at his head, get this sacred experience

3.       You cannot know the power of Shree, you cannot his strength or his importance, such is the charm of Shree

4.       The disciples who tried to dig deep , discovered further depths of his greatness, he is an ocean of greatness, how can you fathom its depths

5.       When such is the state of Shree disciples, how can others come to know anything about his greatness

6.       Disciples cannot fathom his depths,others don’t have a clue, such is the trick of Shree

7.       The incarnations on this world, some are avtars, some are purna avtars, purna avtars happen only by his will

8.       When “Purna avtar” happens, the ray of light of the lord descends on this earth and when this holy light shines on the earth, then only “Purna avtar” happens

9.       Purna avtar is not bound by the cycles of life and death, it is not linked to the mortal world, this is a very holy connection, you can see its seeds in the womb of mother earth

10.   Purna avtar never happends all of a sudden, there are signs of his arrival and it is known well in advance

11.   The lord himself is going to take birth from our womb, is a very uncommon matter and is a very sacred and holy occasion

12.   The father and mother of the purna avtar have to be worthy, righteous, their greatness should be comparable

13.   This worthiness, righteousness must be present from generations to generations in the family, righteousness, faith, religousnes should run in the family

14.   In the family which has lineage of such religious great ancestors

15.   Does a purna avtar takes place, lets see how shree is a purna avtar

16.   The signs of purna avtar which have been mentioned above, are completely applicable to Shree

17.   The first man of Shree’s family was saint Jamadagni, who was known as Lord Mahesh himself, Parshuram is the Lord himself, what is the need to mention his greatness

18.   The famous family of Shree is originally from the region of Warhad, from a village called Sawalapurkar near Amravati

19.   The Lord Ram had stayed in this village when he was banished from his kingdom, henceforth people started calling the village - Sawalapur

20.   The last name of Shree’s family was derived from the name of the village – Sawalapurkar

21.   Such is the linkage of Lord Ram in the last name of Shree, henceforth the ancestors started residing in the region of Rajim

22.   The king of Rajim region was Bapuji Chima Damapati, he had a great fame of being religous

23.   The Rajim region lies in the Chattisgad area, the son of Bapuji – Bhaskar was a great warrior

24.   Bhaskar had a great fame of being a fearless warrior and leader, bandits once started a mutiny and there was a chaos

25.   To stop the mutiny and defeat the bandits, rose Bahskarpant with the blessings of “Ekvira Kulaswamini”

26.   On the auscipious day of Vijaya Dashmi when the cry of battle was about to be sounded, appeared a holy saint in the battlefield

27.   He said to Bhaskarpant – “You will be victorious, your ancestorage and lineage will prospour” – he gave this blessing

28.   After saying this, the saint disappeared, but his holy stick remained there

29.   On seeing the holy stick, Bhaskar built a holy grave there and also established a temple of Lord Shiva at that place along with the holy stick

30.   Bhaskar took his army into the battle, the battle was fierce, the bandits were defeated

31.   Bhaskar won the battle, hence he got a piece of land to rule, he won many battle, he was very religious and righteous

32.   Everybody respected him like God, Bhaskar’s  mother was a great religious lady

33.   Rajim is a great region, it is like God of regions, its importance is same like Jaganathpuri

34.   Lord Ram during his banishment stayed in Rajim, he specifically chose Rajim

35.   At that time, Janaki worshipped Lord Ram and importance of Rajim increased from that day on

36.   Because of Rajim’s region, the last name of Shree’s mother became Rajimwale, hence the two last names linked to Lord Ram

37.   Chimamata – very religious and calm, she was like mother of all, people used to call her affectionatelly – Mai bai – Lady of kindness

38.   She used to take the name of Lord all the time, She used to take darshan of Lord Ram daily, offer him food and then only she used to eat her food

39.   One day, Chimamata got delayed in her daily routine and when she went to offer food to Lord Ram, the door of the temple of Ram was closed

40.   She could not see Lord Ram nor could she offer him food, she felt very sad and she prayed to Lord Ram from outside

41.   “You do not wish to reveal yourseld to your unlucky disciple, your wish I respect”

42.   She could not bear the sadness, she cried out loudly, kept the food on the stairs of the temple, prayed to Lord and left

43.   She gave food to everybody, but remained hungry herself, in the evening, when the priest opened the doors of the temple

44.   He saw a miracle, the food, rice was in the mouth of Ram’s idol and the plate of food was on his lap, priest got scared

45.   He went to Chima’s house and told her what had happened, Chima felt overwhelmed and she exclaimed

46.   “The caretaker of disciples, Lord, you had to take this trouble for a poor being like me –forgive me”

47.   Chima saw Lord Ram and then broke her hunger strike, the Lord himself ate her food

48.   Once the great river of Rajim had a great flood, the village got immersed in water, all villagers got scared

49.   They said to Chima – “Lets go to another village”, Chima gave consolence to everybody, the water levels kept on rising dangerously

50.   The Lord himself is my saviour and protector, he will protect us all – Chima consoled everybody

51.   She took gold, coconut, cloth in a platter and worshipped the river

52.   She prayed to the river – “O great river, life giver, mother of all, please shed your fierce form, become calm and please take your waters back to normal levels”

53.   People saw the miracle, the great river became calm and within one hour, the river’s water levels returned to normalcy, the nature bowed to wishes of Chimamata

54.   One lady got tired of daily routine and stree of everyday, ate poison and died, the members of family were crying

55.   Chimamata saw this and consoled everybody, she gave holy water to the lady and the lady sat up with eyes wide open

56.   She cured the ill, gave children to childless, made wealthy the poor, such was the greatness of Chimamata

57.   The second son of Chimamata – Yashavantrao – he was very kind hearted, very respectful of his mother and religion, his wife was Bhivara

58.   She was very devoted to her husband, she was like the great lady Anusuya, she used to treat guests like God with great hospitality

59.   There was prosperity and wellbeing in the family, but no son, one day a saint appeared and said – “Mother give me Alms”

60.   Bhivara came with some rice, but the saint said – “I will not accept your alms, there is darkness in your house”

61.   Bhivara replied – “What is my fault in that ? If you don’t accept my offering, I will also go hungry”

62.   Saint got pleased and said – “Hey mother, please do not do anything like that, Lord Ganesh will bestow his kindness on you”

63.   “You will bear a godlike son very soon, I will come after one year to see you son”

64.   “I will eat the rice of this alms, sitting at this very place, keep this alms safely till then, Alll good things will happen to you

65.   The saint disappeared after saying this, but he appeared in the dreams of Bhivara and said

66.   He gave a left snouted Ganesh idol in the hands of Bhivara and said – “Lord Ganesh will be kind on you and you will bear a God like son”

67.   On waking up, Bhivara found the Ganesh idol in her hands, the husband and wife were delighted and they had a son very soon

68.   They named their son – Gajanan, after one year the saint came, the husband and wife worshipped him and gave him food

69.   Saint took their son Gajanan near him and said he is a unique child and all good things will befall on you

70.   Saint disappeared after saying this, this Gajanan became the great saint of Akkalkot – Swami Samarth himself

71.   Ganesh was in control of his own destiny, he gave up his worldly form by uttering the word ‘Gajanan’

72.   Ganesh’s son – Narayan was very respectful and obeyed his father, while taking bath in the river, idol of Ganesh came in his hands

73.   Ganesh’s second son – was known all over as a great Ayurvedic doctor and an astrologer, he was an idol of greatness

74.   His name was Purshottam, his wife was Girija, they had all the wellbeing in the household

75.   To bear a son, they did a very hard worship of Lord Shiva, a great saint Sai Sikandar Shah came

76.   This holy man sw the hard penance and worship of Lord Shiva, he became content

77.   He said to both of them – “You will bear a son like soon, Lord Shiva is pleased with you and he himself will take form in your son”

78.   The long twelve years of penance and worship culminated in Lord Shiva himself taking birth as their son

79.   They were swami Shivanand, there was happiness everywhere, everybody was busy in the naming ceremony, they named him Laksman

80.   The powers of Swami Shivanand were great, they were form of Lord Shiva himself, they were repectful and obeyful  of their father, he was a idol of wellbeing and greatness

81.   They themselves were a great saint, they were free from the cycles of life and death

82.   He was known as reincarnation of Lord Shiva in the form of Jamadagni, he used to preach purity of mind and soul

83.   Upsani baba himself said – “Swami is not an ordinary man, his greatness is vast, he is a powerful saint”

84.   “He has reached the complete state and he is a saint free from life and death” – Upasani baba said this about swami Shivanand

85.   This swami Shivanand were Shree’s father, he was well known and respected amongst all

86.   Bhausaheb Shingevekar – He had powers like a saint, he used to do a lot of penance and worship and was very religious

87.   He was employed in the railways, he was a senior officer and he was well known and praised for his official work, he was the chief accountant

88.   He did a worship of Gayatri Goddess, She appeared and suggested that she will take birth in his family

89.   Then Sonamata was born, Gayatri Devi appaeared in her form, the most beautiful lady in three worlds appeared in the form of Sonamata

90.   She was very pious and religious and pure, she was known everywhere a the supreme powerful Mahabhagavati herself

91.   She was the mother of my Lord, She was the mother of the whole world, she was the shadow of the orphaned and less fortunate

92.   This is a short synopsis of great heritage of my Lord

93.   The great lineage of noble, powerful, religious, charismatic men

94.   The greatness descended from generations to generations, the righteousness of each man was great

95.   The characteristics of each men are many, there can be a book on each of them, such is their greatness

96.   This fleeting and short synopsis, so that you get an idea of my Lord’s Lineage

97.   Shankar was his father, Bhavani herself was his mother, what is the need to mention anymore about greatness of such a man

98.   I bow and pray and pay my respects to all ancestors of Shree

99.   Heritage was superlative, the spiritual lineage was powerful, this tells about the greatness of Shree

100.                        The very religious and fluid description of Shree’s spiritual lineage is in episode Three

101.                        Looking at Shree’s feet and by completely surrending to him, I end this heritage story and episode Two.



Shree Gajanan Maharaj