Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 20

1.       As soon as going at Shree’s feet, I got his sighting, by praying to Shree wholeheartedly I got ultimate happiness

2.       Shree stayed in Una, Jayawantrao Modkar took the Shivalila Amrut book and held it front of Shree in the wee hours of the morning

3.       Shree started reading the book, Jayawantrao’s attention went to Shree’s chest, very naturally

4.       The idol of Shiva which Shree had established in Banganga, started to show on Shree’s chest, very clearly

5.       It became golden and from that divine idol, the holy fire of Yagna started to flame

6.       Gangadhar Patil from Sholapur, were Shree’s follower, by Shree’s grace the life of Patil completely changed

7.       In the form of Parshuram, Shree’s sighting he had, Shree is the God himself, such an experience he had

8.       On the occasion of Samarth’s death anniversary, Baburao Dangre started with a garland in his hand from Sholapur station

9.       There was a huge rush and crowd in the train, he did not get a ticket, please give these garlands in Gurumandir, he requested the driver

10.   The driver refused, Dangre became sad in mind, he got angry on Shree only – ‘You only make the arrangements now’

11.   As soon as he said this, one boy came and said ‘my brother’s going got cancelled and gave him the ticket

12.   Dangre left with the garland, he entered Gurumandir, Shree said to someone ‘Look Dangre have come’

13.   ‘They got angry on us, we only gave them the ticket’ Dangre was taken aback, how did Shree know

14.   Shree is witness to everything and he knows everything, Shree’s kind deeds towards his followers are numerous

15.   Sham Dangre’s brother got influenced by evil spirits once, all remedies were done but there was no relief, his health deterioted

16.   But by Shree’s grace, his health improved, all the bad influences were destroyed and he got health and prosperity by Shree’s grace

17.   To Atre Nana, Shree looked exactly the same as Narashima Saraswati in the region of Gangapur

18.   Conversations took place between Vaikar and Shree, gist of Shree in those conversations was Shree only was Shripadvalabh in the past

19.    I myself had a revelation, Yamraj – the god of death was taking me up, Shree himself appeared there and scolded Yamraj

20.   ‘On whose orders, have you brought them?’ Yamraj said to Shree ‘ My lord, I am sorry’

21.   ‘You are the supreme God himself, this mistake will not happen again’, Yamraj surrendered before Shree and Shree shouted on Yamraj

22.   ‘Again without my permission, do not bring them, he has to write the book of Shree Charitra’

23.   Shree freed me from the clutches of Yamraj, this is a long revelation, the gist of it is mentioned here

24.   In one personal worry/trouble I got caught, I got very worried

25.   I tried all solutions, even tried divine Godly ways, the trouble took on a worse turn and assumed a more sinster position

26.   I had danger materialistically and to my life in this trouble, I was very worried, I could not think of what to do

27.    In 1972 – on the day of Gudipadwa, I went to Shree’s sighting and said at Shree’s divine feet

28.   ‘I am caught in a trouble, I wish to get freed from it’ – within 12 hours I could see the trouble going

29.   Within 18 hours, I was completely freed from the trouble, Pramila is my wife, she also had similar experiences

30.   While sleeping one day, She prayed to Shree’s photo – ‘please save me from the troubles’, she had a revelation in her dreams

31.   The red idol of Hanuman clad in Shandur, asked her to stop by waving its hand, a person appeared from the idol and said to her

32.   ‘Do not worry at all’, all the troubles will go away, I am behind you all the time, all the arrangements would be made

33.   ‘Please show me sighting of Lord Ram’ by saying this she held his feet, after praying the person disappeared, such was Shree’s grace

34.   Shree saved her from many troubles and gave her sighting many times coming in her dreams

35.   Shree attraction she had all the time, chanting of Hare Ram was continuous, many good things happened, such were her experiences

36.   My elder son, his name is Ram Krishna Ahgor, his revelation was interesting, in 1973

37.   In the temple of RoopaBhavani, he was doing the rounds around the Goddess, the Goddess saw at him, the mask became alive

38.   Goddess opened her eyes, looked at Ram Krishna and told him to stop, Ram Krishna stopped

39.   ‘You are Shree’s follower, then why did you come in my temple?’ Are you and Shree two different Gods? He said to the Goddess

40.   Goddess was satisfied, the real face disappeared, again mask came in its place, the revelation appears very thought provoking to me

41.   My smaller son, his age was only six at that time, his name is Narhari, he had a revelation

42.   Shree got down from a vehicle, Narhari prayed to Shree, then Swami Samarth came and stood behind Shree

43.   He prayed to them completely, Samarth gave him blessing and uttered the words ‘Keep it up’

44.   Madhukarrao Devgaokar, were Shree’s great follower, he searched for Gods, saints, great people all over

45.   But all were useless like stone, nobody graced him and solved his problems, he felt like going to a living saint, so he came to Shree

46.   But troubles would not move, at that time, he said to Shree – All gods are mere stones, you are also like that only

47.   Shree said on this – ‘I am not a stone, I am alive’, he opened his empty fist, scented flowers fell down

48.   From thereon, progress of Devgaokar happened, he became prosperous in material and spiritual ways

49.   Once he had a revelation, a huge black man came into the room, then Shree was standing in the door, Shree forced the man to go away

50.   Once he had revelation, Devgaokar went to America to spread the gospel of religion and Shree’s thoughts and preachings

51.   He got American citizenship immediately and he got elected uncontested as the President

52.   On Chaturthi from America, he came to Akkalkot in airplane, Devgaokar took Shree’s sighting in a royal manner

53.   25 bags of rice, many containers of Ghee, they came with such pompousness and grandness in front of Gurumandir

54.   Matoshree Shardabai and Shree himself, put kumkum and tilak and showed him the holy light and welcomed him

55.   The head of America, came to Akkalkot himself on Chaturthi to take sighting of Shree, was known everywhere

56.   By Shree’s influence, many great people from various nations, came to Shree’s place and the crowd on Chaturthi increases

57.   Panditrao Kulkarni were Shree’s follower, his wife Tarabai had an illness, many remedies were tried without any results, he was very worried

58.   He did Shree’s foot worship, from there on the illness went away, their son Dilip’s thread ceremony was pending due to materialistic reasons

59.   They kept Shree’s worship resolve on every Chaturthi and on the fourth Chaturthi, the thread ceremony was fixed in Gangapur in style

60.   Tarabai had many revelations in her dreams, Shree used to suggest solutions, she had many experiences

61.   In Germany, there were Shree follower named Kanga, in one accident, there was a case registered against him in the court, on the day of the hearing

62.   He went into the courtroom and started chanting Shree’s name, ‘You sit here only, do not move at all’

63.   Clearly Shree’s voice could be heard, but Shree could not be seen, then the judge came in, Kanga kept on sitting as before

64.   Looking at this judge thought that Kanga was a mad man and released him and Kanga was freed without any charges

65.   Ratnakar Nargundkar saw many holy men, at last he settled down with Shree and he experienced undoubted and unquestionable peace and meditation

66.   For fifteen days he could not sleep because of worry and he was suffering physically, at that time he thought about Shree and caught a little sleep

67.   Then in dreams Shree came and touched his body with his hands and he had sleep for six hours and experienced peaceful bliss

68.   Once there was a swelling in Shree’s feet, then Shree said to some, if somebody takes our swelling, our swelling will go

69.   Nargundkar accepted the swelling, swelling of Shree disappeared, similar story is famous about Swami Samarth

70.   Uday Nargundkar had a revelation in his dreams in religious school, Shree started to go for a bath at 3 o’clock in the morning

71.   On the horse name Ramnam, Shree started from Gurumandir, Ramnam flew through the air at great speed

72.   Horse went towards Himalayas, to take bath in the lake ManasSarovar, Shree was seen going there

73.   In the morning, Shree said to Nargundkar, we only gave the experience to your son, it is true you see

74.   Experience of Bapatbai – in one beautiful garden, Shree sat on a bench, behind him was standing Gajanan Maharaj of Shegao, Shree said at that time

75.   We both are one only, I was only there at that time

76.   At that time for betterment of the world, that was our form, at this time for the betterment of the world, this is our form

77.   There was a well there, water was deep inside the well, the water started rising inside the well, the water started rising and started overflowing from the well

78.   Water came and touched Shree’s feet, as soon as feet touched it, it started rescinding immediately and the well became same as before

79.   Shidhaji Holkar took a book to read from Shree, after reading gave it back to Shree

80.   Amongst the ones who take the book and return it after reading it, you are the first

81.   All the arrangements of the library in Gurumandir, you have to see from now on, in this way, Holkar’s selection was done for this position

82.   Holkar got Shree’s continuous company, he started making spiritual progress daily

83.   Holkar had piles and he was troubled by it from many years, once he told Shree about it, Shree said about it

84.   Eat rice and dal with milk and ghee, after eating for four days, piles will stop

85.   Doing accordingly, piles stopped from the roots, many troubles ran away by Shree’s grace

86.   He had many experiences, Shree used to appear physically, used to guess his mental state and used to give valuable directions

87.   One cow which had stopped giving milk, was brought for sell, Baburao Yelte saw this and asked Shree, Shree said ‘Buy the cow’

88.   As soon as Shree’s orders were received, the cow was brought, miracle happened – even though the cow had stopped giving milk, it started to give milk again

89.   The same story is famous in GuruCharitra of Narashimasarawati, same story here also, the same person who brought about this events

90.   Experiences of many followers are valuable, are of various types, some of them are narrated here

91.   Shree once said naturally – soft delicate are our teeth, we care for them a lot, hence we never ate sugarcane

92.   The teeth which gave company throughout the life, we will never remove them, let them fall naturally

93.   When the first teeth falls, it is to be thrown in the Jaganathpuri Ocean, second in Somnathnagari

94.   Third in Rameshwar Ocean and fourth in Haridwar Ocean, such was Shree’s plan, first teeth fell

95.   In 1970, on Gurupratipada Sunday at 1.15 in the afternoon, fell on its own

96.   Further second teeth fell, both teeth of Shree were kept in a silver bowl, to throw in the planned oceans

97.   Friday of Jestha Shudh Asthami 1973 year, Shree laid foundation of beautiful Ramramashram near Ashwatha tree

98.   This place was built in Gurumandir, it was named ‘Ramramashram’

99.   Near Ramramashram, dug a water canal, water came automatically by the water machine

100.                        ‘RamGanga’ was created near Ramramashram in great style, ‘Rampad’ resides here, unique combination of the trio – Ram, Parshuram and Shree

101.                        By praying to Shree’s feet, all my five senses are content, here ends the writing of the twenth episode