Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 21

1.       By praying to Shree faithfully, my mind was filled with happiness, the sky was filled with joy, happiness is Shree’s spirit

2.       Datta Parshuram Ganesh, Shreeram, Maruti, Pandurang, Devi, Vyankatesh, Vyas, Valmiki, Jamadagni

3.       Shripadvalabh, Narashimasarawati, Narashima, Akkalkot Swami Samarth, Vishnu, Krishna, Gyaneshwar

4.       In such various forms, Shree gives sightings, the reincarnation of which are these forms, Shree is that God himself

5.       All the Gods and Goddess are in Shree’s form, in this Kalyug, God is not in the temples

6.       Shree’s godly feet are the place of all Gods, there is factual proof to this, many have such experience

7.       Devgaokar, one of Shree’s follower, was going to temple to take sighting, he twisted his ankle and fell down and he could not even walk

8.       Shree then said to him – still you feel like going to the temple to take sightings?

9.       We have not kept any Gods remaining in the temples anymore, all Gods are here only

10.   From thereon, he gave up going to the temple, he got engaged and spellbound at Shree’s feet and happiness started increasing

11.   Residence of all Gods is at Shree’s feet, such experiences many had, all the sightings in Shree only

12.   Some believe that God is the greatest, teachers do prayers of this God only

13.   Some believe that teacher is greatest, because of teacher only, one gets to God, teacher is greater than God, there is support of Vedas to this

14.   Shree is God himself, Shree is practically the great teacher, to get both teacher and God at the same place is impossible

15.   Great teacher and God, both are Shree, such a unique place and position is of Shree

16.   One who commands authority is the teacher, one with greater authority is ‘Sadguru’ even more worthy and great is ‘Paramsadguru’, Shree is ‘Paramsadguru’

17.   Now of this life story, the fruits of this book, is being narrated, listen to it carefully

18.   All the prayers of God Ganapati, meditation of Brahmaharihar, the fruit of all these, is the same fruit of this book

19.   All the prayers of Datta, reading of all the religious boos, the fruit of all these, is the same fruit as the fruit of this book

20.   The prayer of all the Gods, all the penances and fasts, meditations and the acts, the same fruits are of this book

21.   All penances and fasts, which you follow, the same fruit you will get by mere reading of this book

22.   Whatever wish you think of in your mind, will fruitify by reading this book, the dangers which come your way will vanish by the reading

23.   Saint will get saintness, student will get knowledge, wealthy will get more wealth, one will manhood

24.   This book is the giver of everything, this book is Kalpataru, whatever we keep in mind, will fructify

25.   There will be progress in the path of Knowledge, in path of faith - faith will increase, in path of acts – actions will be successful, by mere reading of this book

26.   To do good deeds, there is no need to go to religious places, no need to go for sighting, everything is in this book

27.   This is the shield of shields, verses of the verses, mantra of mantras, such a unique book is this

28.   Reading of the book – GuruCharitra and reading of this book, the fruit is the same, there is not even small difference

29.   Datta Shripadvalabh and Narashimasarawati are three reincarnations described in GuruCharitra

30.   Datta Shripadvalabh Narashimasarawati Samarth Balapa and Gangadhar, Shree’s reincarnation is the seventh

31.   These seven reincarnations are in the Shree Charitra book, this is a great book, a very unique and powerful book than other books

32.   The reincarnations which have happened so far, are avatars of Shree only, all these books are about Shree only

33.   One book is superior, other book is inferior, how can it be said clearly, the same authority and capability of all books

34.   One who reads this book, there is no need for him to do any other worships, all worships are in the reading of this book

35.   Who has written this book, there is no importance to it, the book is about whom?, all the importance is to that

36.   How many readings should we do so that we get the desired benefit? The question is very relevant and correct, listen to the answer

37.   As many as there are persons, that many there are personalities, thoughts and actions, they are different, the start and the finish

38.   There will be differences in fruits also, as per one’s dedication and faith, some will get more benefit, some will get less benefit, by reading the book same number of times

39.   By doing specific number of readings, everybody gets the same benefit, this does not happen, where there is dissimilarities in everything

40.   Dedication and faith, faith like one’s dedication, the follower gets the benefits accordingly

41.   Today’s preparation is for tomorrow, hence have patience, even if you do not see the fruits today, do not lose patience

42.   Yesterday’s fruit is experienced today, today’s is experienced tomorrow, to get fruits today for today’s deeds does not happen anytime

43.   Doing worship without any selfish motives, benefits one gets are multifold, if you do worship with fruits in mind, the benefits are limited

44.   Hence any religious work, should be done without any selfish motives, doing the work with motive in mind, the glory of the work goes away

45.   The recitals of this book should be done selflessly, without any motives in mind, in the beginning till you get sighting of Shree in your dreams

46.   You will have Shree’s sighting in your dreams by doing recitals of this book, on getting this receipt, the way ahead will be opened up

47.   Then keep a motive in mind, Shree only will suggest how many recitals to be done for fulfillment of mind’s motives

48.   When Shree himself tells this, on doing those many recitals fulfillment of motives is guaranteed

49.   Not only this, Shree gives valuable suggestions to his followers, on acting according to his suggestions, good deeds and upliftment of the individual occur

50.   Shree is the shade of kindness, he is idol of caring, he is the sea of kindness on this earth, he takes care of his followers

51.   This is  the specialty of this book, Shree tells himself, gives orders in your dreams, of how many recitals to be done

52.   Sometimes Shree will himself come, sometimes he will become Swami Samarth, sometimes appear in form of Parshuram, sometimes in form of Ganapati

53.   Whatever is one’s family God, Whoever is one’s worshipping God, in that form Shree appears, but one should recognize Shree in his dreams

54.   When is such varied forms, Shree comes in dreams, one should recognize Shree and the opportunity should not be wasted

55.   Shree will come in dreams, give suggestions to followers, answers will be provided to the questions, he will show some sign

56.   On awaking, remember the whole dream, on being convinced of the sign, one should recognize Shree and his orders

57.   Do the recitals as per Shree’s orders, getting Shree’s orders is a sign of great fortune and luck

58.   Four, Eleven, Twenty one, doers of these many recitals, gets special benefits, do not have any doubts

59.   The ways of doing recitals are primarily four, whichever one finds convenient, he can follow regularly

60.   Reading one episode daily, recital in 21 days, reading 3 episodes daily recital in a week

61.   Reading 7 episodes daily, recital in 3 days, reading of 21 episodes daily, then recital is daily

62.   Reading 21 episodes and doing daily recital is easily possible, weekly or triday recital is convenient and possible to all

63.   As the number of recitals increase, one will get peace of mind, capability and authority will increase

64.   Motives will become selfless, religious pious tendencies will increase, content and satisfaction will increase, bad vices will be destroyed

65.   One will get courage in dangers, danger will not appear a danger, one will find happiness in sadness, there is happiness in happiness always

66.   In this way you will be happy and get eternal happiness, form of Shree is eternal happiness, one will get this experience

67.   Where there is eternal happiness, Shree’s presence is that place, where Shree himself resides, all well being and goodness resides at that place

68.   After doing each recital, make a note of it, in that way you will come to know, what all experiences you had along the way

69.   How you get the dreams, how you get the experiences, how you got the sightings, you will get their company

70.   How your authority increased, how there was a change in your personality, to know all of this, this book is the mirror

71.   At the place where you do the recital, keep a plank of wood there, bow to the plank of wood and invoke Shree’s grace

72.   Where recital of the book began, Shree’s presence is that place, near the recital place, Shree will be seen standing on the plank of wood

73.   You will have this experience, Shree can be seen physically, when this happens, hold Shree’s feet quickly

74.   You will get sublime bliss – ‘Krutharth’ will happen, you will be uplifted and nothing will be left void

75.   Where this book is there, Shree’s presence is at that place, where Shree’s presence is there, all the wellbeing and prosperity is at that place

76.   On Chaturthi, on the Mahendra mountain, Parshuram gives sightings to his followers, by putting his feet on this mountain he becomes a Brahman

77.   From the mountain, when the feet is placed back on the land, each person gets back his caste and creed

78.   In the same manner, one who crosses the doorsteps of Gurumandir, he becomes a Brahman and he relinquishes his old caste and creed

79.   And in this Gurumandir, Shree daily gives sightings to his followers, a big event happens on Chaturthi

80.   See Mahendra mountain and Gurumandir, such is the similarity an important sign

81.   After finishing each episode, I went to Gurumandir and read the episode to Shree and I had that many sightings of Shree

82.   1973 year, July 15th Sunday, on this day of GuruPoornima, the book completed

83.   On the day of GuruPoornima, completed the 21st episode, by worshipping Shree, read it to Shree

84.   The complete book I read out at Shree’s feet, one recital completed in front of Shree in Gurumandir

85.   The writing of the book completed, Shree did not tell a single word, what great deeds and miracles

86.   By making me the means, the book he only got written, I have this confidence and have faith and belief in it

87.   Every word in the book, has been thoughtfully framed, experience and proofs are behind this there is support for every word

88.   False is not a single word in this book, false is not a single sentence, everything is truth and only truth, have belief and faith in this

89.   One who gives bad publicity to this book, nothing bad will happen to him, even if one does not recognize the ‘Amrut’ – Elixir of life, the eternalness of Amrut does not get destroyed

90.   For the writings of this life story, Shree only gave me the inspiration, by giving me his blessings, provoked me to write this book

91.   For writing of this life story, my one and only support is follower of Shree – Shidhaji Holkar, all the help and support is his

92.   The meeting of both of us, Shree only brought about, he only provided all the information, all the efforts are his

93.   Telling of all the information, giving me various books, showing me various papers and letters, all the efforts were his

94.   He has a lot of anxiety and interest, his efforts were great, countless favors are his, he is the complete support

95.   The ones who recognized Shree, Shidhaji was one of them, only because of him, I could know Shree in such detailed perspective

96.   His name is Shidhaji, like his name, he is accomplished personality, hence the book is getting fulfilled today

97.   Bhagwant Vasudev Ahgor – Jamadagnavasth Panchpravar – Deshasth Rugvedi Brahman, this is the information about me

98.   Let peace spread in the world, all get happiness in the world, the true religion increase in all three worlds, by Shree’s grace

99.   To all my brothers and sisters, may Shree give good thoughts, to happen wellbeing of the world, let the whole world touch Shree’s feet

100.                        By worshipping Shree’s feet, this 21st episode completes here by Shree’s grace

101.                        By remembering Shree’s complete form with great concentration, this book is completed; Shree’s form is ‘OM’.