Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 3

1.       Looking at Shree’s Divine feet, I lose my senses, my soul gets purified and I bow to him respectfully

2.       In this episode find the narration of Shree’s spiritual lineage, this important narration I write remembering Shree

3.       The spiritual lineage is directly linked to Lord Dattatray himself

4.       The son of Lord Brahma – Atri Rushu, his wife was very pious, religious and godfearing

5.       The moon was her son, how can you describe the beauty of such a lady – such was Anusuya

6.       She used to treat her husband like God and used to do very good hospitality of guests, she used to follow these principles religiously

7.       The acts of Anusuya increased her goodwill so much, that the five elements themselves bowed before her

8.       To break her purity, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh came and said to her

9.       Feed us the lunch we desire, and serve us without any clothes on, Anusuya said – What to do ? Guests are like my children

10.   She served them without any clothes on, all three Gods became babies, They became Lord Datta, son of Anusuya

11.   Hence they are called Dattatray, the spiritual lineage of Shree begins from here

12.   The lineage began and prospered from here, the disciples and followers started increasing

13.   In the city of Pithapur, the king was Appal, the brahman, he was very pious and religious, his wife was Sumata

14.   On the day of homage to ancestors, Datta came in form of saint and said – “Mother give me alms”

15.   The worship of homage was not done yet, Still she gave food, Datta was pleased and appeared in his form of three Gods

16.   Sumata prayed and bowed to him, he ordered –“Mother what do you want ?”

17.   Sumata said – “You called me mother, please make your words true, I don’t want anything else”

18.   “So be it” – said Datta and he went away and to make his words true, he took birth as Sumata’s son

19.   These were Shreepad Shreevalabh – the form of Datta, the holy form begins from here

20.   After their thread ceremony, they recited the holy vedas and gave knowledge and teachings to everyody

21.   They stopped at region of Gokkarna, then on the mountain of Shreegiri, he gave his blessings to many and made them disciples

22.   He fullfilled wishes of many, gave children to those who were barren, showed the path of goodness to many and gave a glimpse of Godliness to many

23.   In the region of Kuruvar, once when Shreepadvalabh went, a Brahmin lady came with her son to commit sucide

24.   Her name was Ambika, when she saw about to end her life, she saw Shreepadvalabh and hence came to see him

25.   “Hey Lord, I had many children, but all died and only one survived, but he is a food”

26.   We are tired of ridicule of the society, life became unbearabily miserable for us, so we came to the river, to drown and commit sucide

27.   In the next birth atleast, pleasegive me a son like you, who is knowledeable like you, who is worshipped in all the three abodes

28.   “You wish for a son like me in the next life, do the penance of Shaniprodshi, your wish will be granted”

29.   He put his hand on the head of the boy, he became well versed in all vedas, all were surprised, a fool beacme a pandit

30.   He made a laundryman a king, He protected Brahmin Vallabhesh, granted boon to Ambika, fullfilled her wish

31.   Doing “Shaniprodshi” penance, the life of Ambika passed by, She took birth in city of Kanajnagar under the name of Ambabhavani

32.   She married a pure brahmin Madhav, Both did Shaniprodshi penance

33.   They bore a beautiful son, who uttered “Om” on being born, we would not say anything else but “Om”

34.   This form of Shreepadvalabh was under the name of Narhari, these were the  Narshima Saraswati

35.   As soon as their thread ceremony was done, they started talking and recited the four holy vedas by heart

36.   He became “Yati” at the age of nine, name was Narshima Saraswati, his deeds were illustrious noble and great, his fame was spread in all four directions

37.   The lifestory of Narshima Saraswati is called Shree Guru Charitra, it is a very holy and sacred book which is known for granting all wished

38.   Reading the book is like meeting the God himself, all desires are fullfilled by reading this book

39.   The book is great, Narashima Saraswati is great, the ones who read this book are great, the ones who listen to it are also great

40.   He cured many ill, made a pandit out of a fool, made rich the poor and gave children to the barren

41.   He cured dark and evil spells, made alive the dead, gave milk to a barren cow and appeared at the same time in eight places

42.   Such were the spells of Narshima, he taught how to practise religion to many

43.   In the month of Madh vadh Pratipada, he went into the banana plantations for his daily routines

44.   He eloped in the plantations and sat for worship there, a hive of ants built on him

45.   After 325 years, a woodcutter came in the plantations to cut trees

46.   His blow missed and hit the hive of ants and blood started coming from the hive

47.   Narshima Saraswati was sitting in meditation under the hive, the blow of axe hit his left thigh

48.   Then appeared Swami Samarth, blood dripping from his left thigh, the blow of axe clearly visible on his left thigh

49.   The woodcutter got scared, Swami Samarth said to him – “There is no blame in this for you, we had to reappear”

50.   On that auscipious day of Chaitra Shudh Ekadashi, the holy feet of Swami Samarth touched this earth

51.   Narashima Saraswati sat for meditation, hive of ants built on him, on becoming of blow, appeared Swami Samarth

52.   What a miracle – A very unique and sublime event, Swami Samarth were a form of Narashima Saraswati

53.   He roamed many villages and religious places, showed miracles and deeds to many and stayed in Akkalkot

54.   People used to call him Akkalkot Swami – The saint of Akkalkot, hence many events of his biography happened in this village

55.   Because of Swami Samarth the importance of the village increased and it became a great holy place

56.   Swami was very great, he used to be engrossed in self meditation, he used to judge the outcome looking at the deeds, he was the epicenter of knowledge himself

57.   He was very idolistic, he was the God of his followers, the skies echoed with his powers

58.   Protection of religion, upliftment of people, having apt and able disciples – this was the nutshell of his preachings – The holy reincarnation was for this reason only

59.   He called Ballapa, he stamped him with authority, gave the reins in his hand and made him the head of temple

60.   He put his holy ring which was carved with his name – Swami Samarth in the fingers of Ballapa

61.   The Rudraskh necklace from his neck, he put on the neck of Ballapa and gave him a symbol

62.   He gace him his religious and pious footwear and ordered him to setup a new religious school (Math)

63.   On the holy day of Chaitra Vadh Traidoshi on that Tuesday the holy flame doused

64.   Swami Samarth himself gave the reins to Ballapa and made him head of the temple, what is the need or possibility to mention his greatness

65.   Ballapa Maharaj was like Swami Samarth, he used to do the work of religion like him only

66.   Ballapa was originally from region of Dharwad from the city of Haveri, he had a family run goldsmith shop which was running very well

67.   His family was very wealthy and content and happy, he got tired of everything worldly at the age of 30, he gave up everything

68.   He came to Swami Samarth and did his work and while doing his work, he himself became Swami Samarth

69.   Ballao later became Yati under the name of Brahmanand Saraswati, he used to do the work of religion like Swamu and had fame like him

70.   He made Gangadhar maharaj the head of the temple, he gave them his stick, necklace and asked him to run the spiritual lineage

71.   On March 15, 1910 – Ballapa left for the heavenly abodes

72.   Gangadhar Maharaj were very pious, religious, kind and spiritual, he was himself the light of life

73.   He was a great follower of Lord Shiva and he used to be engrossed in the worship of Shiva from Childhood

74.   He was born in the Madhya Pradesh in the region of Devgiri, he stayed in Nagpur

75.   Once Ballapa Maharaj came to Nagpur and gave his noble teachings and sermons to many

76.   Gangadhar, Shreedhar and Vinayak were three brothers but one soul, three bodies but one mind and they had the same spiritual teacher

77.   In 1910, Gangadhar Maharaj got the reins of religious school (temple)

78.   Huge proportionate body, white long hair on the head, ashes rubbed over his body and rudraskh necklace in his neck

79.   He head put chandan paste’s 2 stripes across his forehead, held the holy stick in his hand, wore footwear and his hands touched his knees caps – Ajan Bahu – this is called

80.   He gave religious sermons to many, put many on the path of righteousness, upliftment of many and did many religious awakenings

81.   Gangadhar Maharaj were a form of Swami Samarth, a visible sign of this was both were Ajan Bahu – long hands touching knees

82.   Brother of Gangadhar Maharaj – Vinayakrao Shingaveker had three children – Tani, Soni and Shankar

83.   Sonamata was niece of Swami Gangadhar, he took care of Shree – his grandson

84.   He took care of Shree from the begginning, Shree were a idol of self righteousness, he made his grandson Shree the head of the religious school

85.   He made Shree the head of the religious school, not because he was his grandson, But because he was worthy of this position

86.   Maharaj recognized and knew Shree, only the great know the great, Gangadhar Maharaj had a spiritual experience in this regards, hence the planning

87.   What was the religious experience wil be revealed later, only a Samarth can sit on the holy seat of Swami Samarth

88.   Gangadhar Maharaj became Yati under the name of Dayanand Saraswati, he embraced the form of Shree in Falgun Vadh Shasthi timeframe

89.   March 22,1938 – on this Tuesday Gangadhar left for heavenly abodes

90.   Samarth, Ballapa and Gangadhar, left the earth of the very same day of the week – Tuesday, this makes it clear that they were forms of same God

91.   Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, first avatar was Dattatray, second was Shreepadvalabh, Third Narashima Saraswati

92.   Fourth Swami Samarth, fifth Brahmanand Saraswati, sixth Dayanand Saraswati and the seventh was “Shree”

93.   On the arrival of the seventh avatar, the seven seas got filled, the seven days of the week were happy and the seven saints were content

94.   Such was the great spiritual lineage, who was greater than other ? All were forms of Gods, the seven forms of Gods appeared in the form of these holy beings

95.   Greatness of Shree is great, his strength and his powers are unique

96.   Who is capable of describing the powers of the one who has such strengths and ideas

97.   In the worldly sense, there appear to be four pillars for Shree’s strength and powers

98.   Bahusaheb Shingavekar, Sonamata Bhagavati, Yogindra Shivanand Saraswati and Dayanand Saraswati

99.   First honor is of Bhausaheb Shingavekar, second of Sonamata, third Shivanand

100.                        Fouth is Dayanand, this soul searching description is in the next episode

101.                        By physically holding Shree’s feet and praying to him with all my heart, this episode of spiritual lineage of Shree ends



Shree Gajanan Maharaj