Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 4

1.       Where the whole world bows at that lotus feet of Shree, I offer my complete surrender and prayers

2.       Gangadhar Maharaj was a very virteous and a great saint, a direct form of reincarnation of Swami Samarth, such was his fame

3.       Whatever he did can it be wrong ? he only gave the holy seat  of the temple to Shree

4.       Gangadhar Maharaj knew that only Shree was worthy of sitting on this holy seat, hence the arrangements

5.       Gangadhar Maharaj saw the chaos and unreligiousness unholy and wrong deeds all around and his mind got disturbed

6.       With great devotion he prayed to Lord Ram and Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman appeared immediately

7.       What they prayed and what Ram said – this he wrote in a poem

8.       September 20, 1920 – Event happened on this day – Lord Ram appeared

9.       I have given you the one who is caretaker of cow and Brahman, driver of truth and justice – such a child – Lord Ram said these three phrases

10.   Whatever Ram said, that he captured in these three phrases, the hidden meaning of the message follows

11.   Cow and Brahman are the support pillars of religion, wherever they are respected religion prevails

12.   Brahma is the wholesome truth, driver meaning driver of the world, such is the child I gave you

13.   Caretaker of Cow and Brahman symbolizes religious supremacy, driver of truth and justice symbolizes the ruler of all three worlds

14.   In the words “Cow” and “Brahman” lies the roots to “Yagna” institution, “Driver” word symbolizes the one who will drive “Yagna” institution

15.   I gave you such a child who will drive the institution of Yagna, he will be a great propounder of religion and he will be the ruler of all three worlds

16.   Two years after  “Shree” birth, Gangadhar Maharaj had this spiritual experience

17.   The plan which he made, was endorsed by Ram and due to both these reasons, Shree became the head of the religious school

18.   The four pillars of Shree, one was Gangadhar Maharaj, second was Swami Shivanand

19.   He was Shree’s father, he was a reincarnation of Lord Shiva and it gives me great happiness to describe his supreme strengths and powers

20.   He like to be alone, he was very calm and he used to be engrossed in religious deeds and he seldom spoke to others

21.   He used to take bath and do worship three times a day, he used to read the holy books of Ramayan and Shivalamrut and Gyaneshwari daily and used to do chanting all the time

22.   He used to offer food to fire and then sit to eat his food, he used to chant many religious hymes daily

23.   He used to be engrossed in meditation and religious studies, snakes used to wander near him, snakes are attracted to Lord Shiva

24.   He never used to get angry, his disposition was calm and sturdy and he had a selfless soul

25.   He had all the worldly powers at his command, but he never used to invoke them, such a great saint he was

26.   Such was his greatness, hence he got the honor of being Shree’s father, the third pillar was Sonamata Bhagavati

27.   She was an idol of purity and goodness, very pious and religious all around

28.   She was reincarnation of Goddess Gayatri, the most beautiful lady in all three abodes Bhavani took form of Sonamata

29.   She showed path of righteousness to many, uplifted many, all because of her good deeds and hence she was the mother of Shree

30.   One more support was Bhausaheb Shingavekar, his work was great, his efforts were vast

31.   He was the chief accountant in the Railways, he used to read holy vedas and his actions were like a saint

32.   He always used to do meditation, self study and penance

33.   Bhausaheb saw that the path of religion was getting wavered and to bring it back on track, God himself needs to come

34.   Reincarnation of Lord Parshuram is not possible without the Goddess Renukamata, a ordinary woman will not do for reincarnation of God

35.   Hence for reincarnation of God, there has to be reincarnation of the supreme Goddess – Bhausaheb knew this

36.   The valient king Renu did a great Yagna – Kanyakamesthi Yagna – to get a daughter who became the reincarnation of Goddess Renukamata

37.   The combined powers of Aditi and Shiva appeared in the holyfire of Yagna and that was Renukamata

38.   Bhausaheb thought of doing something like this, Lord Datta gave Parshuram the knowledge and mystery of Tripura Rahasya called Shreevidya

39.   Shreeviday and Shreepurarahsya, the goddess Renukamata, the chain started linking, but one has to be worthy

40.   Of acquiring the Shreevidya, the person has to be capable, how would it be possible for an ordinary man

41.   Thinking about this, he realized that the great Saint Vishwamitra had done one thing for the common people

42.   Shreevidya has been ebodied in Gayatri Mantra, chanting of Gayatri Mantra gives the benefits of the great kanyakamesthi Yagna

43.   To get the fruits/benefits of Kanyakamesthi Yagna, one should chant the Gayatri Mantra, Bhausaheb did this novel experiment

44.   His aim was that he should bear a daughter who will bear the seeds of God

45.   He did chanting of Gayatri Mantra, Gayatridevi got pleased and appeared and promised that she will take birth in his family

46.   Then Sonamata was born, Gayatri Devi herself appeared in the form of Sonamata

47.   In Shake 1823 at 3.23 in the morning of Sunday

48.   On 4th June 1899, Sonamata was born – This is the birthday of Sonamata

49.   For the reincarnation of complete God, Gayatri devi was reincarnated by doing chanting of Gayatri Mantra

50.   Bhausaheb did this great work, hence the complete God appeared in Bharat

51.   Out of the four support pillars of Shree’s strength, Bhausaheb is the primary

52.   Sonamata appeared, she looked like a golden dear, hence she was called Sona

53.   She was very fair, her face had a godly attraction, her voice was very sweet, goodness itself appeared in her

54.   She used to help the sad, solve the problems of troubled, do away troubles of many, she was a support to everybody

55.   Shivanand’s name was Laxman, Balappa Sadguru gave the orders of marriage

56.   Arrange the marriage of Laxman and Sona as soon as possible, the union of their marriage will be very noble and benificial

57.   On getting orders from Guru Balappa Maharaj, preparations were made for the marriage, the day was ofcourse auspicious

58.   In the year 1910, the marriage took place in Raipur, Lord Shiva got his powers

59.   The age of Laxman was 18, Sonamata’s age was 10, Tatyaji was very eager to see the face of his grandson

60.   He himself had done worship of Shiva for 12 years to have a son, hence he was very eager for a grandson

61.   Tatyaji started thinking about which penance he should do, when a holy great saint appeared suddenly

62.   He said to Tatyaji – Your wishes will be fullfilled, perform the puja of SatyaNarayan on every Sankasthi Chaturthi

63.   The saint disappeared after saying this and I began to think who this saint was

64.   Then I immediately realized that the saint was rishi Maharshi , the saint who united the world and light

65.   The sankasthi chaturthi penance is the worship of the worldly light, Satyanarayan is the worship of divine light

66.   Sankasthi and Satyanarayan, the union of world and divine light, the penance is apt and thought provoking

67.   Then Tatyaji started the penance and what he did on the first Sankasthi Chaturthi

68.   He took the holy copper vessel and coconut of the Satyanarayan pooja and put it in the laps of Sonamata

69.   The holy copper vessel is very powerful and holy and they very day, there were signs of increasing of the family

70.   Sonamata’s pregnancy cravings – To remove sadness of the sad, to increase the happiness of the happy, may luck shine on the less fortunate

71.   To distribute food, to worship the feets of Sadguru, to do apt and holy penance, to protect the religion

72.   May everybody be healthy, to spend all engeries on betterment of world, may the body be spent in protecting the country, religion and Yagna – the holy fire

73.   Such cravings she had and she had 14 dreams

74.   Sonamata had dreams and they were exactly 14, this event has great importance and the event tells of things to come

75.   From these 14 dreams, she had 14 sightings of God, all these sightings were very indicative of the things to come

76.   Maharaj Baba Upasani was a saint with great powers and capabilities, he was a disciple of Sai Baba

77.   Very happy and content Upasani baba used to be all the time, he used to engrossed in happiness and content, he used to lost in his own world of peace, calm and happiness

78.   This Upasani baba was a well known holy saint, Sonamata was in sights of Upasani and she used to take his blessings

79.   Sonamata used to be in company of Upasani Baba, she used to listen to his teachings and discourses

80.   In the company of Upasani baba, Sonamata had 14 dreams, this was an extraordinary event

81.   All these events were very indicative of things to come in the future

82.   The 14 dreams of Sonamata were as follow

83.   Elephant God appeared in dreams, once she saw a tree, in one dream Lion appeared, Laxmi appeared once

84.   Sae divine garland of flowers, in one dream she saw the moon, in once the sun was blazing down, saw flag in one dream

85.   In one dream she saw a vessel, saw the vast seas, saw divine plane, saw the great lakes

86.   A pile of precious stones was lying, the blazing fire engulfed, these 14 sightings appeared in the dreams

87.   Apart from these 14 dreams/sightings, various scenes also were seen in the dreams

88.   A holy man came to have food, saw holy cows, saw a hill with a temple

89.   Saw vast jungle, holy man with long hair appeared in dreams

90.   These various sightings and scenes found place in the dreams

91.   Through these sightings and scenes future events were foretoled

92.   These dreams were very indicative and thought provoking, the mystery of them would be revealed later

93.   Sonamata had these 14 dreams, If a mother has 14 dreams, then a holy soul appears

94.   There are instances of this in history, there are proofs of this in history

95.   District Mananpur in West Bengal, in the village of Khadakpur, year 1918, date May 17

96.   Shake 1840, month of Adhik Jestha, in the tithi of pure saptami, it was a Tuesday

97.   In the night at 12.42, on this auspicious moment, the Lord Param Sadguru appeared in this world

98.   To uplift the world, to fill the world with goodness, to make everything good, the Elephant God Ganapati appeared

99.   Shree is himself Ganapati, Shree is himself inspiration of Shiva, he is supreme power, such a Shree descended

100.                        Many signs were seen on Shree’s body on their birth, these are mentioned in the next episode

101.                        By chanting the glory of Shree and bowing and praying to his feet, I end this fourth episode of Shree’s birth narration.


Shree Gajanan Maharaj