Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 5

1.       Seeing Shree’s feet, my mind became very happy, lovingly I prayed to Shree and became a content soul

2.       When of Mahavir, Trishalamata was expecting, she had 14 dreams and she saw 14 holy sightings

3.       Moon, Lion, Flag, Vessel, Elephant God, Divine garland of flowers, Tree, Raging fire, Great lakes, Pile of precious stones, Divine plane, Laxmi, River, Great seas

4.       She had these 14 dreams and astrologers said that these dreams are dreams of company of a holy soul

5.       Some great man is going to be born from the womb of Trishalamata and Lord Mahavir appeared, all his stars were at high places

6.       Here also the same situation, Sonamata had 14 dreams in which she had 14 sightings, she was in company of Upasani baba

7.       After birth of Shree, all his stars were in high places, on getting the news of birth, Tatyaji made the horoscope card of Shree

8.       Shree had “Pravgya” Yog – Gautam Buddha had this Yog, the star places of Shree matched star places of Buddha, saying this, he saw all the stars and planets in high places

9.       On hearing this, Bhausaheb shingavekar was very happy, he said – my experiment is successful and complete

10.   The invention of Adishakti and appeared the complete reincarnation of God, I am divinely blessed, he said at that time

11.   Sonamata’s mind became very happy on seeing baby form which the God had adorned

12.   Sonamata started inspecting whether this new born had all the signs of complete reincarnation of God

13.   She thought that if Brahma dev forgot to put any symbol, then She will give the child the symbol

14.   What confidence the mother had, what powers and worthiness she had, if Brahma God made a mistake, she would rectify the mistake

15.   Sonamata inspected the whole body and she realized that Brahma God had not forgotten any symbol and all the symbols were in their right places

16.   Sonamata knew about the symbols needed for a complete reincarnation of God – meaning is clear from this

17.   Lotus on left feet, this was the lotus flower with eight petals, on the right feet a lotus was visible, swastik, flag, royal umbrella, feet of holy cow

18.   Were seen on the left chest, feet of holy Brahma, the signs of hoves of nandi bull were clearly visible

19.   On right side were eyebrows, these three symbols were seen on chest and next to it was Shree Niketan

20.   Trishul on left hand, Parshu, vessel and spear and holy fire vessel were visible clearly

21.   On his left hand, was a square shape, it is called Mahendayog, Shree only gave these symbols

22.   On the right hand, the coin of Vishnu, throne, horse and and cow’s feet, swastik, elephant, veena, shell, fish, club and flowers

23.   Left feet’s thumbnail appeared reddish, the nail was red as if it was painted, this was the birth sign of Gautam Buddha

24.   Gautam Buddha’s birth sign was visible in this reincarnation also, sonamata was surprised

25.   Looking at this sign, Sonamata said – Shree is Gautam Buddha himself

26.   Then she saw the axe blow mark on left thigh, this was the birth sign of Swami Samarth

27.   In this birth also, the sign was clearly visible, mother said with happiness – “He is Swami Samarth”

28.   The signs of ashes clad body of Parshuram were visible here also, she said – he is Parshuram

29.   All the signs present on the body of Lord Ram were visible here on Shree’s body and Sonamata said – He is Shree Ram

30.   Seeing Krishna’s signs said – he is Krishna, Looking at some signs she said – He is Ganapati himself

31.   He is the great teacher Dattatray, he is Shreepadvalabh, he is Narashima Saraswati, he is Swami Samarth

32.   To continue the spiritual heritage of Swami Samarth, he appeared adorning the sign of axe blow

33.   Sonamata got engrossed, whatever she thought, all forms of God met her in child form of Shree

34.   In the axe blow on left thigh of Shree, the idol of Narashima Saraswati was clearly visible – what a miracle

35.   All the signs needed by religion were there on body of Shree, many other novel signs were also present on Shree’s body

36.   Bhausaheb was busy in finding a good carpentar to make the crib for this newborn

37.   He chose the carpentar Wadhwa Singh from his office, he told him all the specifications for the crib

38.   The crib for the complete reincarnation of God has to luxiourous, grand and the best

39.   Hearing the specifications, Wadhwasingh was impressed and asked – for which King is this crib being made for ?

40.   The work of the crib was completed, the senior officer from Bhausaheb’s office looked at the crib  and asked – This crib is for which king ?

41.   Not only King, but the King of the Kings – My grandson – Bhausaheb told both of them

42.   Crib was so beautiful and grand, anyone would be impressed and stuck with awe looking at the crib

43.   Mother had 14 dreams and she had sightings, she also saw various scenes

44.   The mountain she saw in her dreams was mountain of Mahendra Giri, the great saint was Lord Parshuram

45.   She meets Parshuram, they come to her house and have food and give their blessings, this has great meaning

46.   In the manner the connection of Mahendragiri and Parshuram was established before Shree’s birth

47.   From the golden womb of Sonamata, these golden feet were created and these golden feet set foot on the golden land

48.   To protect the weak, to give support to the strong, appeared the complete God

49.   To see this child form of the complete God, all the Gods from the heaven came, the sky was filled with divine planes

50.   There was a crowd of Gods, divine flowers were bestowed, all the Gods were content looking at this childform

51.   Skin was pinky red, ears looked very attractive, the whole body was glowing, feet were soft and delicate

52.   Eyes were bright, a big forehead, skin was soft like silk, used to look like Swami Samarth

53.   Attractive eyes like lotus, sound attracyive like lotus, feet like lotus, arms were big

54.   The naming ceremony was held in grandeour, all the relatives came together, the occasion was celebrated with great grandness, the name of the boy was kept

55.   Whose father was Shankar himself, mother was Sonamata, who would be their son?  the same name was kept

56.   Luckiness of lucky, holliness of holy, the one who resolves all difficulties, name was kept – Gajanan

57.   In 1920, Upasani started for Kashi, he visited Sakori, Khadagpur, Raipur and continued ahead

58.   Along with Upasani baba, Bhausaheb, Sonamata and Shree also went to Kashi

59.   In Kashi, Upasanibaba gave away his thread ceremony’s thread in the Ganges river and became free from all the living connections

60.   To one who had already given up all worldy things, the thread did not matter anything, it was the same thing – wearing it or not wearing it

61.   He only put the thread on Shree in Shree’s thread ceremony, there is great meaning in this and there is a need to study this in depth to understand the meaning

62.   In 1920, Sonamata had a daugther, her name was kept Kamala, a very apt name for her

63.   In 1920, a surprising event happened, once Shivanand sat on a swing

64.   Suddenly he started crying loudly, everyone got scared and could not figure out what had happened

65.   While crying out loudly, he started laughing, everyone got worried and as a remedy

66.   Bhausaheb showed Shivanand to Upasani baba, Looking at Shivanand Upasani uttered-

67.   He is not an ordinary man, his greatness and capabilities are vast, he himself is a great holy saint who is freed from the cycles of life and death

68.   This was said about Shivanand by Upasani baba, only a holy saint can recognize a true holyman

69.   In 1920, a divine event happened, Umakaku was in Raipur at that time

70.   Umakaku was the spouse of Gangadhar Maharaj, She came to Raipur for the delivery of Sonamata

71.   Umakaku took Shree to a gathering of “Haldikunku”, and on the way back home, made Shree stand

72.   Near the room of Tatyaji maharaj, near the room was a burial place, Shree’s attention immediately went there

73.   On the wall of the burial place, Shree saw a furoicious big rat, both looked at each other

74.   Shree felt as if the rat was following him, Umakaku picked up Shree and took him inside the house

75.   The rat started trying to attack Shree and Shree said – He is on my stomach

76.   He is on my back, he is on my shoulders, to make him sit on the head, he was attacking Shree

77.   The people in the house thought that somebody had cast a spell on Shree, so they called the witch doctor and took Shree to the temple

78.   The rat would not come in front of Shree, he was trying to climb on Shree’s head from the side

79.   Only this way, he was going to make himself successful, a couple of days passed this way

80.   One witch doctor came and he cast a spell on some cloves and put a necklace around Shree’s neck

81.   On the third day’s night, when the rat came to attack, wherever Shree saw, he saw light

82.   Wherever Shree saw, light fell there, there was darkness allround elsewhere – Shree had this experience

83.   At that time, the rat came in front of Shree to attach, he looked as feroicous as he looked the first time

84.   But today he got trapped in Shree’s Divine Light, he completely froze, he could not move

85.   The state of rat became pitiful, at that time, Shree looked elsewhere and the rat vanished

86.   When the rat got caught in the divine light, he froze and was completely helpless

87.   That way he could not climb on Shree’s head and attack him, he was unsuccessful

88.   Shree felt pity for him, so he turned away his vision, as soon as the light was gone, the rat freed himself

89.   Rat thought that if he stayed, it was very dangerous for his life, hence as soon as Shree’s focus shifted, he vanished

90.   All the remedies tried by others were not useful, what would a magician do to the one who was the magician of magicians

91.   To gnaw away, eat away is the natural behaviour of rat, to eat away time is the natural behavious of death

92.   The rat was the Death himself, he came to attack Shree, but he was completely powerless against Shree

93.   The great death could not do anything in front of Shree and when his attack was overturned, he vanished into emptiness

94.   This unquestionable victory over Death, Shree achieved at the young age of Three years – What great achievement

95.   In 1922, Upasani baba made a wooden cage and went and sat in the cage

96.   Did not even keep a door to the cage and he did not come out for anything, people prayed to him – please tell us what mistake we made

97.   This world is a cage and the humans are completely trapped in it, to get freed every living being has to make tangible efforts

98.   By this act of his, to awaken everybody, Upasanibaba binded himself on his own will in the cage

99.   What should be done to free this bounded holy soul – was the riddle asked to everybody by Upasanibaba

100.                        Who will solve this riddle, what is the solution, is mentioned in the sixth episode

101.                        By remembering Shree always and by praying to him all the time, by bowing at his feet, this fifth episode ends.


Shree Gajanan Maharaj