Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 6

1.       Looking at Shree’s Divine feet, I bowed to him faithfully, my mind was filled with content, this content is something different and unique

2.       Upasani baba posed the riddle, everyone was perplexed and could not think of a solution

3.       Sonamata heard about it, thought about the problem and came up with a solution

4.       In Shake 1840, she made a public announcement – The riddle’s solution / answer

5.       For the betterment and upliftment of everyone, hence made this introduction in the announcement

6.       Listen everyone, all and one, take this solution / medicine from a unknowledgeable doctor, all yours troubles will vanish

7.       The troubles may be physical or mental, the solution to all troubles is one, the ultimate medicine

8.       Chanting the name of God Hari is the first and last solution to get freed from all troubles

9.       The name of the Lord is the only true medicine in this corrupt world, mankind will survive only on this path, there is no other progressive path

10.   Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare – This is the great mantra, to survive this is the trick, to be freed from all troubles and worries, this is the only solution - to chant this mantra continuously at all times

11.   From that day, chanting of the mantra started in Sakori, all the society gathered together, chanting was continuously

12.   By giving this great divine knowledge, Sonamata did a very big favor to mankind

13.   Sonamata gave the great promise of freedom from cycle of life and death to mankind

14.   Gave solution to be freed from the vicious cycle of life and death to mankind, her gift to mankind is immortal

15.   The sky was filled with the chanting, the work spread in all four directions, preaching and teachings started everywhere

16.   First chanting started, then musical instruments were added and the recitals started to be fluid and very engrossing

17.   The first instrument which was used by Sonamata, the instrument was very lucky to be held by the mother of the world

18.   And it goes further, this instrument had the divine touch of the God, What great luck of the instrument

19.   People got engrossed in the chanting, then weekly recitals started, everyone got good luck and good things were experienced by all

20.   Chanting of Hare Ram was done continuously and it was the resolve of everyone to keep it going on all the time

21.   The riddle posed by Upasani baba by his acts, Sonamata solved the riddle by her solution with her own acts

22.   By Sonamata’s skills and looking at the people’s resolve Upasani baba came out of the cage

23.   In 1920, Sonamata’s health deterioted, she fell ill and started to become weak

24.   As soon as Bhausaheb got this news, he came to Sakori along with Shree

25.   Bhausaheb’s job got terminated at that time and he gave up everything and came to Sakori

26.   He decided to stay in Sakori for all the time, so he donated everything and came to Sakori

27.   By her inner conscience Sonamata came to know that her life would end after four days

28.   She called her only son – Gajanan and saw him very keenly

29.   She touched Shree’s body all around and gave him a mouthful blessing

30.   You will be immortal in this world like the Dhruv Star, She gave this unique blessing and it became true in the future

31.   Then she said – Do not come in front of me for the next four days, I do not want anybody near me

32.   Listening to Mother’s orders, Shree went away from there and obeyed the orders to the word, great son, great mother

33.   Sonamata called Bhausaheb and others and addressing everyone she said

34.   On the feet of Lord Datta, pour steady stream on Milk – Dudhabhishek – for the next four days

35.   Today is Thursday, I will be freed from life in four days – She told clearly

36.   Listening to Sonamata’s words and understanding that this was her last wish, the ,milk pouring on Datta’s feet started

37.   Shake 1840, Sunday June 22nd 1924

38.   sensing her last moments, Sonamata called Upasani baba, worshipped him and kept her head on his feet

39.   Upasani baba was the crown jewel of all saints, by taking holy sight of his feet, head remained on his feet

40.   Sonamata left this worldly abode in this state, the time was 6.30 in the evening at that moment

41.   At the very time, from 6.30 to 7.00 pm, Shree was chanting holy songs – Bhajans in the temple of Lord Datta

42.   It was the time of chanting Lord’s name of Shree and he was engrossed in Hare Ram roaring

43.   Shree was very concentrated and engrossed in the chanting of Hare Ram

44.   The Taal – the musical instrument which Sonamata had first taken in her hands and had started the Hare Ram chanting

45.   The same Taal was in the hands of Shree at that moment and on the rhythm of the Taal, Shree’s chanting was going on

46.   Great is the taal, whom the Lord himself took in his hands, how can luck be told of such a taal

47.   Knowing the day and time, by knowing the sad news, Shree should not leave the chanting and come

48.   Hence, Sonamata ordered – Do not come in front of me for four days – Shree obeyed her orders

49.   At the moment when his mother left this world, mother’s taal was in hands of Shree

50.   After finishing the chanting, Shree came out, a parshi girl saw Shree and asked

51.   Your mother died there, how are you here? What are you doing here? Shree said to her – Good

52.   Shree immediately went home, a lot of people were gathered there, nobody told anything to Shree

53.   A huge crowd had gathered, minds were very sad, should we see mother’s face at this time?

54.   Shree asked, people gathered got very emotional and Shree was told – Not today, see tomorrow

55.   The next day morning at 10.30, after 16 hours of death, Mother looked fresh and divine

56.   Even though 16 hours had passed, the body was still warm and lively

57.   Two English educated doctors who were gathered there were very perplexed by looking at Sonamata

58.   They could not see a single sign of death, Hence with great persuasion, they examined Sonamata

59.   The face was glowing, all muscles were loose, temperature of body came to 97.5 in the thermometer

60.   Doctors were surprised, they were stumped, something untold had happened, it was very surprising

61.   They announced that – this was a medical miracle and modern medicine had no answers to this

62.   Mother engulfed in the form of Shiva, The holy form of birth ended, the mother of all poor and helpless vanished

63.   To take last sights, a lot of people had gathered, Upasani baba himself took her to the burial spot

64.   Upasani baba got emotional and uttered her name “Sone Sone Sone” thrice and described her greatness and powers

65.    Sona was Bhavani goddess herself, she had a iron will and determination and she always showed path of goodness to all, such was the greatness of Sonamata

66.   Upasani baba freely described her greatness and praised her

67.   The Sakori city resounded with the chanting of Hare Ram and everybody worshipped her

68.   Upasani baba lifted her and buried her with his own hands

69.   A holy man who had given up all worldly ties, got emotional, such was the greatness of Sonamata

70.   Jestha Shudh Saptami – the day of Sonamata’s demise, this was the day of Sonamata’s naming ceremony also

71.   The beginning and end of life met on the same day, Shree was also born on the same day

72.   Naming ceremony of mother, birth of Shree and death of mother, the same calendar day of all three events

73.   On this calendar day, the unique combination of these three events happened

74.   Dattatray’s abode was Mahur, the power of Shree Renumata’s stage was Mahur

75.   Renuka went Sati – burned herself with her dead husband at this place, Dattatray himself did the last rites at Mahur for Renukamata

76.   Here on the last day of Sonamata, Upasani Baba himself buried Sonamata, the same event occurred here

77.   The day when Renukamata went Sati – Full moon of Chaitra month – a big fair is held on this day

78.   The form of Shiva, Rishi Jamadagni’s last day is famous on this very day of Chaitra full moon day

79.   This full moon day of Chaitra saw the last rites of saint Jamadagni what a unique event

80.   On the very day on which Shiva in form of Jamadagni ended his work, on the same day he ended his work in form of Swami Shivanand

81.   Swami Shivanand was himself Jamadagni – one more proof of this fact

82.   Sakori became a powerful holy place known as Upasaninagar, kanyakumari and its fame spread everywhere

83.   On the orders of Upasani Baba, a idol of Kanyakumari goddess was established in Sakori

84.   Bhausaheb stayed with Shree in Sakori in company of Upasani baba, with the intention of staying near a holy saint

85.   IN 1940, wed Aug 27, an important event occurred in Sakori

86.   The king of Hyderabad Kishanprasad arrived in city of Sakori

87.   The king though of worshipping Shree’s feet and hence he sent an invitation to Shree

88.   On getting Shree’s approval, all preparations were made, a huge tent was erected and Shree was brought to the place in grand splendor

89.   On a huge big silver throne, Shree sat on that throne, it was the grandeour of a king

90.   The royal umbrella was held on Shree, at one side was Spearman, at the other side was the infantry man, all the advisors of King gathered around

91.   All the king’s people were gathered there, everyone was engrossed and ready in making the preparations

92.   Musical instruments started playing, singing started and the chanting of Shree’s name started

93.   In such kingly grandeour and splendor and in a royal manner, the worshipping of Shree started

94.   The king of Luck city, Kishanprasad did the worship of Shree in the royal manner

95.   And took the benefit of seeing Shree, all had the chance to see Shree – the queens, jesters, advisors, helpers of king, the people of Sakori

96.   As soon as the worship ended, Shree left from there and came in the hut of Upasani baba

97.   Shree’s age was only six, Kishanprasad was a great king, he worshipped Shree on his own will, an extraordinary event was this

98.   This was the first worship of Shree’s Lotus feet and from here started, the worshipping of his divine feet

99.   Till now, hundreds of thousands of worships have been done and the number increases day by day

100.                        What did Shree tell Upasani baba, what did Upasani baba reply back, this fluid narration is mentioned in the seventh episode

101.                        Bowing at Shree’s divine feet, one gets immense internal satisfaction, the writing of the seventh episode completes here




Shree Gajanan Maharaj