Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 7

1.       Recognizing the divine Shree and looking at the grand form, by keeping my head on his feet, I bow to him

2.       By bowing to him completely, one’s eight senses are awakened and all the troubles caused by the eight planets vanish by his sighting

3.       By his sighting, one’s sins burn, good deeds increase, all troubles vanish, such is the effect of his sighting

4.       Shree’s sighting is unique, priceless, Shree’s sighting is vey holy and sacred, it is very lucky, the importance of the sighting cannot be explained

5.       Kishanprasad, the king of Luck city, worshipped Shree’s feet and took the sighting of Shree

6.       As soon as the feet worship was over, Shree left from there and came to the hut of Upasani baba

7.       By saluting him, Shree told Upasani baba all the events that had occurred

8.       Shree told baba – the king who has come today, he did my worship, Upasani listened

9.       After listening to the whole story Upasani baba was very happy and in that happiness he told Shree at that time

10.   Not only one king, but everyone will do your worship, you are also a king, he is a king, both of you are kings

11.   In these words of Upasani baba, future was foretold, it told about the events that would occur in the future

12.   Merely after 67 days after demise of Sonamata, this unique celebration event of Shree’s feet worship occurred

13.   Bhausaheb and Shree were in company of Upasani baba and used to stay in one room along with Upasani baba in Sakori

14.   To take sighting of Upasani  baba, various people used to come, after sighting, disciples used to give holy water to everybody

15.   In a big vessel, the holy water – mixture of milk, sugar and water used to be kept, the devotees used to get this holy water

16.   After taking baba’s sighting, everyone used to come in Shree’s room to take his sighting

17.   Shree also used to keep ready, the mixture of water, milk and sugar in a cup and used to give it to everyone with a spoon

18.   Every person who came to the hut to take baba’s sighting, used to go to Shree’s room to take his sighting

19.   Shree used to give holy water by spoon, he did not have  the vessel – Zari, one of the devotees of baba was observing this

20.   Shree should also have a  vessel, hence he bought a nice vessel – Zari from Mumbai and gave it to Shree

21.   Like baba, Shree also started giving holy water from Zari, people used to take sighting of Shree and they used to get the holy water

22.   Shree’s age was only six, people came to take his sighting, this event is very thought provoking

23.   In 1925, the thread ceremony of Shree was done, all the people gathered in Sakori for this event

24.   Saint Upasani baba himself put the holy thread around Shree’s neck and did the threading ceremony of Shree

25.   The one who had submitted his holy thread to Ganges, himself put the holy thread around Shree in the thread ceremony

26.   Shree’s father were a form of Shiva, grandfather was great saint Shingavekar, great were the capabilities of both, still

27.   Shree’s thread ceremony was done by Upasani baba himself, there was a hidden sign in this, it was a unique chain of events

28.   Gave up his own thread and put the thread around Shree, there is a big secret in this, such was the plan

29.   After the threading ceremony, Shree’s daily acts were religious and pious, he used to bathe three times a day and used to be wearing sacred holy clothes all the time

30.   The attire of the threading ceremony, all the props of the ceremony, was the daily attire of Shree

31.   Shree started worshipping Fire every evening, gave up bed and mattress and used to sleep on the floor on a blanket

32.   Used to ask for alms every day, used to offer it to Pravra river, touch it with Baba’s feet and then used to eat the alms

33.   What great were Shree’s thoughts! What great was the planning! What great was his penance! His acts were very strict

34.   He was from a big landlord family, he was the only son, what is the need for him to ask for alms

35.   Even in the early age, Shree’s behavior and acts were according to the religious teachings, Shree stressed this very clearly right from the early age

36.   The threaded boy- Batu’s behavior was by the book, he used to avoid other’s touch, used to follow religious  ways meticously

37.   From his childhood Shree has an idol of Lord Ganapati with him, he used to worship it daily

38.   He used to offer holy grass / durva and sacred leaves – shamipatra and used to do the worship with all his heart

39.   Shirdi was 3 miles away from Sakori, Shree used to walk to Shirdi and get the sacred leaves

40.   To offer Ganapati, the sacred leaves, Shree used to daily walk to Shirdi and get the leaves, this was the daily routine of Shree

41.   Even though Shree’s age was only six, his thoughts were so noble, this penance and worship was being done religiously

42.   Ganapati was kept in the room,  while going out Shree never used to close the door, he used to keep the room open

43.   Looking at the open room, people used to ask Shree – While going out, why don’t you lock the room

44.   At least close the door, room is wide open – people used to ask and Shree used to tell them

45.    Ganapati is in the room, so how can I close the room – Listening to this meaningful explanation people used to be surprised

46.   When God is in the house, how can we lock him up – such were the thoughts of Shree

47.   One day Bhausaheb went out for some work, Shree was alone in the room

48.   Shree took a piece of chalk in his hand and wrote “OM” all over the room, did not leave a single space empty – wrote “OM” everywhere

49.   After sometime Bhausaheb returned home and saw the “OM” written all over the place

50.   He asked Shree – You have written “OM” all over, where should I keep my feet?

51.   Grandson told grandfather – Is there a place in the world without “OM”? he put the question back to his grandfather

52.   Listening to grandson’s answer , grandfather was surprised and looking at his authority he felt content

53.   In 1925, an event occurred in Sakori, the thoughts and state of Shree was like that from the beginning

54.   Bhausaheb Shingavekar – his authority was great, he used to stress the importance of Vedas and used to teach Vedas to everybody

55.   People used to come to learn Vedas, the teachings were given to them, Vedas were taught to all with sincerity and devotion

56.   Shree used to listen to the teachings from a distance and used to recite back the lesson to his grandfather

57.   Shree never sat down to take the teachings, never he made any mistakes, people used to be surprised, Shree had very good memory – used to remember things by listening to them once

58.   For this education of Vedas, there was no fees for this, this free education was going on

59.   This is true education, this is the true gifting /donation of knowledge, true upliftment is done by this only

60.   The education which is imparted by taking money, is not education, for true imparting of education money should not be a motive

61.   In this manner, Bhausaheb taught Vedas to everybody and did true gifting of knowledge to everyone

62.   In 1925, the event occurred – Shree recited the Vedas, by merely listening to their discourses from a distance

63.   Shree used to chant Gayatri mantra daily and he got made a fire pit in his room

64.   Shree used to do fire worship in it daily – morning and evening and used to be in sacred clean clothes all the time

65.   He would not allow anybody to touch him, nor would he touch anybody, he used to follow this non-touching policy very strictly

66.   Once baba Upasani, put his hand on Shree’s shoulders and said – Oh great Gajanan Maharaj

67.   You will get great fame and authority in the future, do not forget us, keep us in your thoughts and memories

68.   In these words of Baba, the future was being foretold, the authority of Shree was being expressed, it was a sign to everyone

69.   A great saint gives indication that you will become great and do not forget us

70.   This was great meaning in it, this illustrates the great work of Shree, expressed the authority of Shree and it is an indication/signal to all people

71.   One year after threading ceremony, Shree stayed in Sakori, Then he came to Akkalkot

72.   In 1926, Shree left Sakori, He held the idol of Ganapati while leaving Sakori

73.   Holding Ganapati in his hands, Shree came to Akkalkot, Shree’s residence henceforth was in Akkalkot

74.   Grandfather of Shree, the head of Gurumandir, Gangadhar Maharaj, Shree stayed with him

75.   In Shree’s life, there are distinct phases of 12 years each, in 1926 the first phase ended

76.   In 1914, when Sonamata has these 14 dreams, the first phase begins from there

77.   From these dreams, the future events were foretold and indications of arrival of the supreme God were given

78.   Hence this phase began in the year 1914

79.   1914 – 1926 – A span of 12 years and this was the first phase

80.   In the first phase, Shree got the company of the great saint Upasani baba

81.   This first phase was called – Childhood and the main events of this phase were as follows

82.   He gave indication of his arrival to all, childhood began, thread ceremony of Shree was done and Shree started living the life of a child saint

83.   Child saint’s religious acts, following a lot of strict schedules, chanting of Gayatri Mantra, comes in this phase

84.   1926 – 1938 – this was the second phase and was called – Education

85.   1938 – 1950 – the third phase and was called – Study

86.   1950 – 1962 – the fourth phase – Supreme Victory

87.   1962 – 1974 – the fifth phase and was called – Religious journeys

88.   In 1926 – Shree’s education began, the behavior of Shree in school was very pure and simple

89.   He never did any mischief with anybody or he never troubled anybody, he did not like doing mischief, Shree’s disposition was like this from the beginning

90.   Shree used to follow – No touch policy, he would not touch anybody nor would allow anybody to touch him, this was his behavior from the beginning

91.   There was kindness and leniency in his acts, politeness in his acts, sweetness in his speech

92.   Shree never used to let anybody feel that Shree was someone great, he was different, Shree stressed this always

93.   He never let anybody know that he was someone different or unique or great

94.   Disposition of Shree was always like this from the start, Shree never liked pompousness and show off

95.   Will a diamond himself say that he is a true a diamond, Looking at it, the wise will recognize

96.   The education in school, Shree’s mind was not interested in it, he saw that the school’s education was materialistic

97.   Shree did not have any materialistic needs or tensions or worries, hence he felt no need for this education and on getting this thoughts, he did not concentrate in school’s education

98.   What everyone called knowledge, was in fact farce and materialistic, Shree wanted true knowledge, such were Shree’s thoughts

99.   Hence, Shree’s progress in school was not eye catching, Shree was a very ordinary student in school

100.                        How much did Shree study? How much was his education? This beautiful description is in the eight episode

101.                        By praying and bowing to Shree and chanting his name, this seventh episode ends here

Shree Gajanan Maharaj