Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 8

1.       By saluting Shree’s feet, I get sublime happiness, looking at the feet of my Guru, I am content

2.       By Shree’s sighting, the path of a person’s life gets a new direction, experience is the proof

3.       After threading ceremony, Shree’s religious penance was going on strictly and daily, it was not visible to outside world

4.       After becoming the head of the religious school Gurumandir, Shree’s religious and pious behavior started becoming visible to others

5.       But when Shree went to school, nobody should touch him, Shree gave great stress on this

6.       Hence for this reason, Shree always sat in the last row in the class, he did not like anybody touching  him, such was his purity

7.       Shree’s stress on inside and outside purity started from this school days and it continues to the present day

8.       White shirt and pant, cap on his head, this was Shree’s attire in the school

9.       1920 – Vaishak Shudh Truthiya – an extraordinary event happened, it happened very naturally

10.   Event happened all of a sudden, it was not planned, nobody knew about it, it happened naturally

11.   Day was of Akshay Truthiya – a very holy day – next to Balapa Maharaj’s religious school was Dhondopant Kulkarni’s house, in this house was his son Ramkrishna

12.   He was playing along with his friend Laxmikant Phadnis, it was afternoon time

13.   Age of Ramkrishna was 13, Laxmikant’s was 11, nobody was at home, both were playing in the backyard

14.   Then both of them saw child Gajanan coming from the front and both of them called out to him

15.   Shree’s age was only 9, he was looking very bright, his stature was short

16.   He was skinny, pant were short, a white shirt on his body and cap on his head

17.   From his cap, his hair which were specially cut for the threading ceremony were coming out and he had chandan paste across his forehead

18.   Looking at Shree like this, both of them called out to him and with great persuasion took him inside the house

19.   Near the grinding stone, they put a wooden plank, made Gajanan sit on it and told him

20.   Like Gangadhar Maharaj is the teacher of everyone today, You are our religious teacher

21.   Saying this, inorder to do Shree’s worship, both started making preparations and started collecting things

22.   Ramkrishna got turmeric and red powder from the house and Laxmikant got rice puffs from the market

23.   They washed Shree’s feet, then wiped them clean, put turmeric and red powder on them and put rice grains on his feet

24.   They offered the 2 cents worth rice puffs to Shree, took the benefit of Shree’s sighting and then worshipped him with lamp – Owalane

25.   The worship ended, everybody ate the rice puffs – the holy offerings, nobody knew about this, a secret worship was this

26.   2 small children, did worship of Shree and told him that he was their teacher like Gangadhar Maharaj

27.   There is great meaning in this extraordinary event and future events are clearly visible in this event

28.   Shree will get all the rights of the religious school (Math) and Gajanan will become the religious teacher of all

29.   This is the meaning of this worship and this event is clearly foretold by this worship

30.   12 years before getting all the rights to the religious school, this event happened

31.   The day of Shree’s worship was day of Parshuram Jayanti – a very auspicious day, what co-incidence , events lined up on this day

32.   One day in the religious school, Akkalkot’s Jojan and Gangadhar Maharaj had a conversation

33.   Maharaj said – the persons whose math subject is strong are clever and intelligent

34.   Saying this, he gave some examples, praised them and put forth this theory

35.   On this subject, Jojan said – our Rajimwale Gajanan, his math subject is good, he will rise to a high post

36.   Maharaj told Jojan – people of Akkalkot will not know now, the real revelation is later

37.   In this manner, in a natural way without being disclosed to public, Maharaj’s future was foretold

38.   In this manner the Sketch, the conversations, future predictions of Shree were going on

39.   Shree’s schooling was going on, Shree stayed in Khamgao with his cousin who was a doctor over there

40.   Madhavrao Sawalapurkar, in his house Shree’s education was going on, Madhavrao was keenly watching over Shree

41.   He came to know that Shree was not interested in studies, he did not like this and he was displeased with Shree

42.   Education should be continued, Shree should take interest in it, everybody felt this, but Shree was not interested

43.   He could not concentrate on studies, Shree’s mind felt like reading Dasbodh book, he used to open and shut the book

44.   Chief medical officer of district – on this post, Madhavrao was transferred to Buldhana

45.   Household would move, where would Shree stay and study was the question before Shree

46.   Shree thought of going to Raipur or Akkalkot at that time

47.   Shree was not interested in studying, Madhavrao was displeased and said to Shree in strict words

48.   Whatever you are going to decide, think deeply about it and decide, but Shree was not sure, what to do was the question before Shree

49.   Elders’ asked Shree at that time – Where would you go?

50.   “Our decision is not made, we will put out chits before Ganapati, whatever decision Ganapati gives, I will accept”

51.   Shree’s answer to the above question, chits were put before Ganapati, all eyes froze, one chit was picked

52.   Ganapati’s orders – “Go to Akkalkot”, Shree obeyed the orders of Ganapati

53.   Shree then returned, came to Akkalkot, met Gangadhar Maharaj, he kept Shree with him

54.   He suggested to put Shree’s name in school, Shree was enrolled in the local school

55.   Shree had an adverse opinion about school education, hence he could not concentrate, he did not want to read the school text books

56.   He used to think about reading Dasbodh book, he used to open and close the book, he used to get happiness in this also

57.   Once Shivanand went in Tatyaji’s library – The Granth Dasbodh  came in his hands naturally

58.   In the same manner, the book fell in the hands of Shree one day

59.   This was the same book which Shivanand had got, Tatyaji’s signature was there on the first page of the book

60.   Hence the book felt like a collectible item to Shree, a colorful picture was kept as a bookmark in the book

61.   This was the picture of Ram in banishment, he was alone, Laxman and Sita were not with him

62.   This picture was kept as a bookmark in the book, whenever Shree opened the book, miracle happened

63.   When book was opened, Shree’s attention used to split between the verse and the picture of Ram

64.   When Shree looked at Ram’s picture, Ram appeared in the picture, Looking at verse, Swami Samarth appeared

65.   While reading the verse Swami Samarth appeared in the picture, Ram appeared when looking at the picture

66.   This experience Shree got when reading Dasbodh, this was a divine experience

67.   Shree used to stay in Akkalkot Gurumandir which was a very religious place

68.   Bhausaheb Shingavekar, his acts were pious, many penances and chantings he used to do daily

69.   He used to do ‘Rudravartan’ and chanting of Gayatri mantra, he had desire from many day to do ‘Atrirudra’

70.   Sensing his death, it was the beginning of Chaturmas

71.   1932 – He began Atrirudra on the holy feet of Datta in Sakori

72.   Before Chaturmas finished, Atrirudra was completed, all the acts were completed by the book

73.   Shake 1853 – Paush Pratipada day – 1933 Jan 11

74.   On this day, he tripped and hurt his feet and fell down unconscious, it was 400 pm in the evening

75.   He sat near Upasani baba, by relying on his shoulder’s Upasani baba, looking at baba, they were talking spiritual things

76.   When baba put Ganges water in his mouth, his movements stopped, at night 1’o clock, he passed away

77.   In Mahabharata like Brishmacharya put his body at the feet of Shree Krishna and passed away

78.   Bhausaheb controlled his own death and destiny, he finish Atrirudra and then finished his life journey in this way, he showed his authority

79.   Three days people did worship in graveyard and they took his ashes for worship

80.   After three days, his son Shankarrao came to collect his ashes

81.   There was not a speck of ashes left, he had to go from door to door to collect ashes

82.   Whose ashes had to be collected by going from door to door, how can his authority and fame be described

83.   1935 – Kamala got married to an industrialist

84.   Malhar Sadhashiv Parkhe – Who were wealthy like Kuber, all happiness were at his service

85.   Kamala got married to him, Kamala became Parkhe, the marriage took place in Akkalkot in splendor

86.   1937 – Shree sat for the 12th board exam and gave the test

87.   1938 – February – A divine event occurred, a very extraordinary event

88.   In the morning at 900 am, when Shree was doing his worship in the temple of Gurumandir, a miracle happened

89.   Shree heard the recital of 32 worded mantra, Shree saw all around

90.   Who was reciting this mantra so clearly, Shree became anxious to know this

91.   Nobody was nearby, looking all around and listening to mantra, Shree was surprised

92.   Gangadhar Maharaj’s health was not well and he was resting on a diwan

93.   Nobody was saying the Mantra, Shree made sure of this and after looking around the whole of Gurumandir, Shree came back to the temple

94.   Shree came to the temple and started back his worship and Shree again heard the recital

95.   The recital could be clearly and loudly heard as if somebody was reciting it by standing nearby

96.   As if somebody was standing next to Shree and saying Mantra, it felt like it

97.   Shree thought that some holy soul had come in invisible form to give ‘Diksha’ – Preaching to Shree

98.   Shree accepted the mantra, and from that day, Shree started the recital of the Mantra

99.   The recital of the 32 worded Mantra started with great faith and sincerity from that day and that place

100.                        Who did the recital? What was the mantra? This mysterious part is disclosed in the ninth episode

101.                        Bowing to Shree’s feet and Keeping head on his divine feet, the writing of the Eight episode ends here


Shree Gajanan Maharaj