Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Chapter 9

1.       By bowing to Shree, mind feels very content, chanting of Shree’s name starts spontaneously from the mouth

2.       Hail to the great teacher, Sadguru, Salute to you Oh the light of the Sun, before beginning any work you should be remembered

3.       Without chanting your name, it is difficult for us to survive, we don’t have any support without you

4.       Where your name is chanted, all work is successful, mind becomes calm and selfless become all desires

5.       To get the true good path and upliftment Paramsadguru should be remembered and his name should be chanted

6.       In the temple of Gurumandir, Shree was doing worship, Shree could clearly hear the 32 worded mantra

7.       Some holy noble soul came in invisible form and did the recital of the mantra, Shree accepted the mantra

8.       Who were the noble soul, what was the 32 worded mantra, why the invisible form is a mysterious part

9.       This mystery is going to revealed henceforth, it was the intention of giving sermon to Shree in invisible form

10.   Shree accepted the mantra and started study of the mantra, Shree started a strict penance on a routine

11.   The one who came in the invisible form and gave the mantra, Shree recognized him as his teacher and started his study and penance

12.   Within one month, one event occurred, suddenly, nobody knew about it, not even Shree

13.   The health of Gangadhar Maharaj was not well, his thoughts were organized and authoritative, he had the plan ready

14.   Son of his brother’s daughter, who was his grandson, who himself was an idol of authority, Gajanan was called

15.   Maharaj said – This spiritual lineage of Samarth should be continued by you, this is our will

16.   Shree listened to it and thought the person who gave him the sermon was his first teacher

17.   Then how can this second sermon (Diksha) be accepted – Shree thought at that time

18.   But the influence of inner thoughts and conscience was so great, that Shree decided to accept the things which were happening

19.   Gangadhar Maharaj sensing his end, called Gajanan and gave all him all authority and rights

20.   In 1938 – March 11 was the day, Falgun Shudh Dashmi – Shree got all the rights

21.   Gangadhar Maharaj gave all his rights to Shree and made him the head of the religious school Gurumandir

22.   As per the heritage, the Rudraskh necklace from his neck, he put around Shree’s neck

23.   Gave him the stick and necklace, put the shawl on his back around him ceremoniously

24.   Shree was officially positioned as the head of the spiritual lineage, the beautiful religious ceremony was in progress

25.   Gangadhar Maharaj put his hand on Shree’s head and said – ‘Sadguru Gajanan Maharaj’

26.   My presence is forever here, he said, pointing his finger at Shree

27.   Shree put his head on Matoshree Umabai’s feet and bowed to her and saluted her

28.   The eight senses awakened in Shree’s divine presence and there was a unique glow on Shree’s body

29.   After the Mantra was given to Shree in invisible form, not even one month had occurred since then and this ceremony took place

30.   Receiving the mantra, immediately becoming the head of Gurumandir, these events seem to be related, one begins to wonder

31.   Shree’s faith was on Sadguru and he was Shree’s diety, like this was Shree’s behavior and faith

32.   From the beginning the diamond was real and then it was polished, then the sparkle was eye opening, the same situation here to

33.   Shree’s behavior was very holy and religious, he used to chant many mantras and in that he got the position of Sadguru, what to mention about the greatness

34.   Gangadhar Maharaj decided to take Sanyas, Umabai worshipped him and did panch arti for him

35.   Using the same panch arti, she worshipped Shree and Gangadhar Maharaj took the fourth phase of life

36.   He took the name of Shrimat Dayanand Saraswati – he was a ocean of kindness

37.   Eleven days after Shree being established on the new position, the day of Vadh Shasthi Falgun dawned

38.   1938 – March 22 – It was a Tuesday, the time was in the evening

39.   Dayanand Saraswati went into the temple and sat in his usual spot for meditation

40.   His composure was calm, he was engrossed in deep meditation of God

41.   Taking the name of Sadguru, the light mixed with divine light, Dayanand Brahmanand became one with God

42.   A huge procession was taken out, burial place was created in the religious school and Dayanand Saraswati was buried there

43.   In each of Shree’s life phases of 12 years, one divine being met Shree and Shree got their company

44.   In the childhood phase – Upasani baba met Shree and Shree got his company

45.   Om 1938 ,the second phase ends, this phase was denoted by the name – Education

46.   On this phase, the head of Gurumandir, Gangadhar Maharaj met Shree and Shree got his company

47.   The phase of Study had just began when this event happened, demise of his teacher/Guru

48.   Shree started thinking that he was all alone now, Shree felt like this and thoughts were going in this direction

49.   While thoughts about life’s direction were going on in people, Umabai brought up the subject of Shree’s marriage

50.   By all practical means, She was the distant grandmother of Shree, She had brought up Shree from his early childhood

51.   Shree and his sister used to call her mother or small aunt from their childhood

52.   Now being the wife of the head of the Gurumandir, She had become Matoshree and she herself brought up the subject of Shree’s marriage

53.   Marriage is essential for you, otherwise what is there to life, otherwise who will carry on your work forward

54.   Shree did not wish to get married and on the first anniversary of death of his guru, he decided to accept Sanyas/Bachelorhood

55.   There were 3 days left for the anniversary, girl was brought to show to Shree

56.   Khanderao Jawalekar, he persuaded Umabai a lot for considering his cousin sister worthy of this honor

57.   We saw, but nothing special happened, our meeting did not make much progress – these were Shree’s words at that time

58.   Shree got up from sleep in the morning and he saw Gangadhar Maharaj standing in front of him and he said in 2 sentences

59.   Girl has been shown, She is acceptable to us, Shree obeyed the orders and wished of his Guru

60.   There was a great shock because of this on Shree’s body, mind and soul, but still he considered his Guru’s orders and wishes and obeyed them

61.   There was no plan or compulsion to obey the orders, still Shree thought that if the orders were to change, his Guru will change them himself

62.   Such were Shree’s thoughts, but orders did not change, Shree was an ideal example of how a disciple should be

63.   Shree gave his approval to the marriage, Vinayakrao Jawalekar’s sister who was shown, the relation was finalized with her

64.   1940 May 7, it was a Sunday of Vaishak Shudh Chaturthi

65.   On this auspicious moment, Shree’s marriage took place at 11 o’clock in the morning

66.   Next to Gurumandir, there is a Ram mandir, the marriage took place in that Ram mandir

67.   Marriage took place in front of Ram, Ram himself was the witness, Shree Ram appeared himself and blessed the marriage

68.   Then Gangadhar Maharaj came from the other side and blessed the bride, there was content in his looks

69.   He himself gave a dream, the disciple followed his wishes, even when he did not want to get married, he obeyed his orders

70.   The proof of this was in his content looks and he sang heartily the rituals of marriage

71.   At that time, a divine person appeared behind Shree, he was very illustrious and glowing, he had a parshu in his hands

72.   This was Parshuram, he stood behind Shree and blessed the couple and watched the ceremony

73.   From his vision, two rays of light fell on the couple and power started flowing

74.   One ray on Shree and second on Malutai, two rays fell on them for split seconds

75.   In Malutai’s ray, there was presence of Renukamata, Jamadagni’s powers were is Shree’s ray

76.   Both the rays enveloped in the couple in seconds and putting his hand on couple’s head, he blessed them

77.   All the gods from above, sprayed divine flowers from sky from their planes and expressed their happiness

78.   In this way, Malutai became Devi Sharada and entering the Gurumandir became great in this world

79.   After 3 ¾ years of Shree’s becoming head of the Gurumandir, a letter came from Sakori carrying Upasani baba’s orders

80.   Letter was addressed from Upasani baba to Shree and message of the letter was – Come and meet us

81.   Immediately after this letter, occurred Upasani baba’s death , 1940 Dec 24th

82.   The letter writer thought that it was the wishes of Upasani baba, but the meeting of the two was not destined

83.   On this Shree replied back – We received the letter, it happened as per the wishes of baba, our meeting happened

84.   The people of Sakori and Akkalkot, were very surprised by Shree’s explanations

85.   Shree was here only, the people over here knew, Shree did not come to Sakori, people of Sakori knew this

86.   Shree did not leave from here, Shree did not go to Sakori, then how did their meeting take place

87.   But there was proof of Shree’s words himself, our meeting happened, this was a mystery to everybody

88.   In divine people’s lives, some events are explicit, some event are secret, the planning is such

89.   Some events are disclosed at the right time, for some event’s explanation , a thorough study is needed

90.   Without leaving Akkalkot, without going to Sakori, the meeting of both happened, such are the powers of Shree

91.   Do not forget us – Baba had told Shree in his childhood, then how would Shree forget?

92.   When did Shree meet? What did they talk? What was decided? It is a subject of study

93.   On the next day on Dec 5th, Upasani baba passed away and burial ceremony was held for his body

94.   On the same day, Shree had the spiritual revelation, this is a royal secret, study is required on this to understand its meaning

95.   On the day, Upasani finished his life journey, Shree got his divine knowledge

96.   The revelation of true form of Shree took place on this day, this mystery is very important, the moment was divine

97.   Dec 25th – a great importance is attached to this day, a lot of great events occurred on this day

98.   Dec 25th – Upasani baba’s burial, Shree got the orders of divine knowledge

99.   Jesus Christ descended on this earth on this very day, such is the importance of Dec 25th

100.                        Shree got the divine knowledge, this story is foretold in the next episode, very fluid narration

101.                        By praying to Shree and referring him in mind and soul, the writing of ninth episode completes.





Shree Gajanan Maharaj