Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj


1.       Introductory

2.       Ancestral Lineage

3.       Spiritual Lineage

4.       Birth – The 14 Dreams

5.       Naming Ceremony, Thread Ceremony, Victory over Kaal (God of Death)

6.       Saint Upasani in a cage, Death of Shree’s mother – Sonamata, Worship by King Kissan Prasad

7.       Zari (Sprinkler), Wrote OM everywhere, Recital of Vedas, Upasani  Baba’s message – “Do not forget us”

8.       Worship of Child Shree, Death of Shree’s Grandfather – Shingavekar, 32 lettered Mantra (Spell)

9.       Shree throned head of the Spiritual Family, Death of Shree’s Guru – Gangadhar Maharaj

10.   Englightment of Shree, Shree got the Tripuri Mantra, Lord Parshuram comes to the Gurumandir

11.   How can one Disciple have 2 Gurus? Vow to revive the Vedas

12.   Arrival of “Son of Man”, Saptashloki  orders – Yagna, Daan, Taap, Karma, Swadhay, Ceremony of Agnihotra

13.   Ten Commandments of Vedas – Truth, Non-Violence, Good thoughts, Kindness to all, Penance, Clean thoughts, Absistence, Study, Worship of God, True meaning of Sanyas

14.   Journeys with Lord Parshuram – Mount Mahendra, Abode of Saint Vyas, Mount Himalaya

15.   Journeys with Lord Parshuram – Mount Kailasa, Pandharpur, Shree Shailya, Gave up touching gold and money, Chanting of name of Ram

16.   Death of Shree’s father – Shivanand, Establishment of Shivpuri, Work of Potdar, Flag of religious freedom

17.   Holy Voyages, finding sense in senseless world, “ I am sitting here to give, nobody comes to take”

18.   The great Yajyna – Somyag

19.   Experiences of Disciples

20.   Experiences of Disciples

21.   The Fruits of this holy book